Dear Young Me,
 You're thin enough. You don't need to be 99 pounds. Just because you brother is on a diet doesn't mean you need to be. Stop obsessing and then feeling bad about eating learn to enjoy food again cause you'll never be fat.
-From me every fall
Dear Young Me,
 That hot guy you've been crushing on for the past year? Get over him. When he leaves you, it'll be with a black eye and a broken heart. The nice guy in your Chem class, though? He's been in love with you for all of high school, and he'll pick up the pieces.
-Healed, happy, and in love.
Dear Young Me,
 don't be so dramatic, it's not worth it.
-your former drama queen.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't trust him. Ask someone else to take you to the nurses cabin. He's a monster that will hurt you in so many ways , your 7 years old he's 22 don't let him rape you the scars will haunt you everyday.
-Innocence lost
Dear Young Me,
 never stop being yourself... in a couple of years the things that make you unique won't be looked down upon, instead they will be admired.
-someone unlike anyone else
Dear Young Me,
 I know you thought you were going to marry him, but it'll be okay. Don't forget who you are.
Dear Marginally Younger Me,
 Don't sweat it. Remember how cool you are without him. He fell in love with you for a reason. Find that reason again.
-XOXO Your old/new self
Dear Talented Me,
 Don't move from your hometown. Don't quit ballet. It will be the one thing you regret most in your life.
-Signed, wish things were different
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