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Dear Naive me,
 Stop wishing, wanting, dreaming, hoping. Start telling, having, taking, making. Only you can make it happen, because only you know that you want it and how you want it.
-~Wish I knew sooner.
Dear slightly younger me, ,
 Take a step back and look at him, he isn't worth your love.
-Love, slightly older me
Dear Young Me,
 Dont ever let her go, shes the most amazing girl you will ever meet in your entire lifetime
-A very lucky guy
Dear the dreamer in me,
 You're never going to be Blair Waldorf, and he's not going to be Chuck Bass. But the sex scene on the piano, it was just as good as you thought it would be. Stop dreaming of pretty clothes and dangerous boys and focus on what you already have. Because damn is it good.
-Making your dreams come true
Dear Young Me,
 Go live your life instead of planning it! You'll be amazed how fast time comes and goes.
-Signed, Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Dont even think about changing to "be cool". Cutting yourself and doing drugs are anything but cool, and there are people out there that will love you for being you... if your not afraid to let go of your old friends.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 People can't read your mind. If you want something to change, you gotta speak out.
-No Longer An Introvert
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give yourself to him to make him love you. It won't work.
-Devirginised Me
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