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Dear Young Me,
 Your going to meet a friend who is going to "change your life" she will for a while but in the end will hurt you more than you can imagine. Be careful, look for signs.. This happened once before.
-you, with extreme trust issues
Dear Young Me,
 Enjoy the time you have with dad now, enjoy the conversations that never end even when you want to hang up the phone. Embrace moment with him. Go places and sing as loud as you can with him in the car, he's the best dad. Remember he loves you.
-you, knowing whats about to come..
Dear Young Me,
 There will always be bullies in your life, to push you around and call you names. Always remember not to give into their antics and remain strong. Surround yourself with those who will lift you up! You're gonna find some really awesome friends in the future.
-Future Self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be stupid and actually fall in love. It only causes pain in the end.
-Don't forget me
Dear Young Me,
 Love is a tricky thing to handle. Don't ever feel like you're not worth it. True love is hard to find, especially when you're not looking in the right places. Don't meet people online unless it's your friends, the internet will become a strange thing in your future.
-Wiser and Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't move in with the loser who still lives with his parents. Go with your parents it is a once in a lifetime chance. If you stay you will regret it 10 years later.
-Older and regretful me
To my confused younger me,
 Do not hang out with your ex boyfriends especially you're dating the right guy!! You will so regret it later.
-Lost Love
Dear Young Me,
 follow your heart even if things and other people are in the way or change your mind.
-lost love
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