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Dear Freshman in college me,
 Just because he is quarterback of the football team and has an amazing body DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD CHEAT ON YOURE BOYFRIEND! He won't call you back like he said and he will make you feel horrible about yourself. Your boyfriend is WAY better, stick with him.
-Sophomore in college you
Dear Little Me,
 Go to the salon. Whatever you do, don't try to color your hair yourself.
-Green Streaks
Dear Young Me,
 You will lie to your mom and tell her you're getting better. You're getting worse. Get help soon. No matter how many knives you throw into the woods, you're still going to cut. Just, be prepared for what's to come, but know you aren't alone.
Dear Young Me,
 Break-ups happen for a reason. Even if he's trying to come back to you, you already know something has changed. Believe in yourself.
Dear Young Me,
 When you look at your husband to be at the altar, and he won't look at you it means he doens't love you. Even if you are 7 months pregnant you should run. But you stay and think it's all your fault. It's NOT. He's just love handicapped. But your two lovely children are not, and neither are you!
Dear Freshman-me,
 I know he ignores you even though you know you're meant to be together. But don't worry too much about it. This time in four years he'll know you are meant for him too.
Dear Young Me,
 Just because Dad left, doesn't mean all guys will.
-Love, Healed You
Dear Young Me,
 Sit in the front seat next to Daniel. Take out the ear buds. Tell him you love him. You won't get another chance.
-I miss him everyday.
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