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Dear Young Me,
 You'll fight with her. But in the end, she's your sister, your best friend. Love her while you can. She's suicidal. You're going to cut. Wounds heal, but scars last forever. Don't change a thing. Love your innocence and your best friend while you can. Don't forget. Be strong.
-Truly Scarred.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be fooled by the generic love shit they show in the movies.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 No, you will never stop being awkward. Yes, people will learn to love you for it. You should too.
-Still not so graceful
Dear Young Me,
 It will get better. Don't let him get away. Dont let her crumble. Just remember how strong you are.
- What A Difference A Year Makes.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't spend years of your life hoping he will come back to you. Move on. Go to the college dining hall. You will meet the perfect guy there.
-Grateful I Got A Meal Plan
Dear Young Me,
 Get. On. Depression. Meds. You shouldn't have to convince your mother that you've had a problem since you were 8.
-Still struggling
Dear Young Me,
 Guess what? You're gonna make it. You can, will, and DO prove all those assholes wrong. You're a credit to your family, and you hear it often. You still make mistakes and believe in your heart and are stubborn, but you turn out amazing and are well-liked and incredibly loved. Just know that.
-The YOU You.
Dear Young Me,
 You're an intelligent person who can make their own decisions and you're going to be great. Sometimes, you can't worry if your mother approves or not. Go for it!
-Older Me
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