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Dear Young Me,
 You've dated a lot of jerks, you've been slapped around, and your heart has gotten managled..but don't let that get in the way of falling in love.
- love again, trust again.
Dear Young Me,
 You might be completely heart broken now, but once he tries to grow a "beard", lets his hair turn into an afro, stops playing football and still has his braces after 6 years, you'll realize that you're going to be alright...
-Heart that has mended
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to those shallow teenage boys. Your husband is amazing and none of them could ever compare! So suck it up and focus on friends and family. :)
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Learn your limits and SAY NO. it sounds corny when your mom says it, but it's true: If it makes him leave, he truly is not worth it.
-stay pure
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be so intense. Really, you're not in a Jane Austen novel (but i'm glad you read them!).
-A cynical older me
Dear Current Me,
 You've thought about them everyday for three years and they haven't done the same. You. Deserve. Better.
-Love, Your common sense
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go around saving everyone else when the one who needs saving is you.
-Slightly older, HAPPIER you (yep!)
Dear Young Me,
 Mom will leave dad, and you will all finally start to be happy. There is a happy life out there, that does not depend on him and his bottle. Do not think that other men will drink and hurt you like he does. Your husband is a kind, generous, patient man who loves you and your unborn child.
-a happier you
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