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Dear Young Me,
 I'm tired of this life. Please dont live just to pay the bills.
-Ready for it all to be finished
Dear Young Me,
 Stop blaming yourself for everything. Its not your fault, and never was. There are things that are beyond your control. Run off and do your own thing, and learn to be free. Learn respect for yourself, and stop living to others expectations. Stop trying to appease Dad. He's not worth it. Be good.
-Better and older me
Dear Young Me,
 Dont fall for him. He isnt worth it, espically isnt worth losing your best friend over.
-you'd be better off
Dear Young Me,
 Be true to yourself, and follow your dreams. Don't lose your motivation or drive for life for ANYONE.
-Growing Me
Dear Young Me,
 Know there is always another perspective outside of your own. And that perspective may be the way to a happier life.
-Future me
Dear Young Me,
 Getting your life started will take some time, maybe more than for other people. So arm yourself with patience and if you are in the dark stay away from death shadows.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't ever loose your courage or your faith in humanity. Everyone makes mistakes and society's basically good. Learn to forgive.
-Love, older me
Dear Young Me,
 That girl you're denying yourself because you're afraid of what your friends think? Well she's gonna be the last one you see for a while. Hope it's worth it.
-Doesn't care so much anymore
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