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Dear Young Me,
 She's not worth it. Don't waste your time waiting for a train that isn't coming.
-Wasted a year
Dear Young Me,
 All those boys you dated in middle and high school? Not a single one of them will mean anything to you in college. In fact, several of them you will not be on speaking terms with. Love yourself first, then worry about boys.
Dear Young Me,
 Everything will work out. He'll love you forever, just like he promised. Someday you'll be happily married and spending days together you've always dreamed of. So keep breathing, everything will be okay.
-Stayed hopeful
Dear Young Me,
 Come out of your shell, go out on school nights, take chances and EXPERIENCE life while you're young. And maybe, just maybe you won't go as wild and wreakless once you reach college.
-Much Wiser You.
Dear Young Me,
 Get tough now and lose all naive views of the world. Because if you don't, people will break you and you'll learn the hard way. And the hard way will destroy your happiness for years to come.
-A Ruined Mind
Dear Young Me,
 Love yourself enough to know that you are perfect just the way you are, no matter what anyone(including your parents) tells you. So love who you love, do what you love, and have fun, because you only live once. A Still Young, but Infinitely Wiser than 3 Years Ago You
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 I promise you, having sex with him won't make him love you. Don't give yourself away so freely. You're worth more than that.
-your older wiser, less pure self
Dear Young Me,
 There's nothing you can do, this is just a warning for the hell your life is going to be. He's not coming back from the Marines. You're 15 he's 18.You two are in love, but be weary of the risks of letting your heart fly so strong into the front line. Never let a day go by without loving him.
-Heart Forever Broken
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