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Dear 16 year-old me,
 You know you shouldn't have broken up with him when you were 13. You know he's been in love with you for the last three years. He still is. Ask. Him. Out. Now. Before he goes to LA. It will save both of you 10 years of stupid nonsense.
-Finally married to the right guy
Dear Young Me,
 Love isn't easy, take it a day at a time. God will be with you every step of the way.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Quit wasting your time wanting that older guy because in a few years he will be engaged and you'll realize his friend is the better man.
-the smarter me
Dear Young Me,
 It was a bad idea. He didn't change. He lied again. Don't trust him twice...
-The regretful older you
Dear Young Me,
 I wish you knew how beautiful you were and that you shouldn't have changed yourself for anyone. Don't every do anything to 'fit in'. Don't be scared of going away from home for college. Make as many friends as possible. You will forget him, but he will never forget you.
-knowing better
Dear me with the knife,
 There's beauty in the break down. In your darkest hour, you will find hope, and he's amazing.
-Love, He's a ginger!
Dear Young Me,
 Don't spend money you don't have. Seriously.
-Broke Ass Older Me
Dear Youngin',
 Create forever. Trust few, but those that you do, keep them close and don't let them go. Appreciate every moment. Above all else--just breathe.
-Your Loving Self
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