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Dear Young Me,
 It might not seem like a big deal now, but you'll regret it. A LOT. You don't need it that badly, and they won't forgive you for it.
-Guilty Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Leave him the first time he hits you. Not a year later, after you've been so destroyed you can't be close to anyone.
-Older, bruised you.
Dear Young Me,
 Keep your innocence. You're gonna want it later.
-Old and regretful you.
Dear younger me,
 Thanks for being so strong. Things really did get better.
-A happier me.
Dear Young Me,
 You know those pretty girls who whored themselves around in high school and won the attention over the guy you like? They're now single moms and never made it to college. I'm still laughing about it :D
-College graduate
Dear Young Me,
 Things are still tough, but don't worry it's all for the better. You're still in love with him and im pretty sure you'll always be in love with him. If you don't try then you'll never know. You still don't know, but you should let him know. Life is too short to worry about what others think.
-older me.
Dear Young Me,
 I know it seems like you'll be alone forever. You won't. He's perfection. Hang in there, and take risks!
-Love, blissful you
Dear Young Me,
 Stop wasting nights crying over the father who doesn't even care when you have more important people who do. Keep your chin up as well, because God has many blessings in store for you. Including that hunk you meet a few months later.
-A Happier Me
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