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Dear Young Me,
 just tell him you love him. don't wait until you're married to someone else to admitt it
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 Do NOT pick up the book that cute guy with the smile dropped on the train. Step over it and step away.
-love broken
Dear Young Me,
 Hurting yourself isn't going to help. It may seem the best way to go, but really. You're just keeping yourself in a dark place. Give yourself a break. People love you. Just wait. You'll see how wonderful the world can be.
-A NoLongerHospitalized Me
Dear Young Me,
 Instead of that kiss goodbye, slap him. He has a girlfriend.
-There's better. :)
Dear younger me,
 You should have kept your mouth shut. You shouldn't have started smoking (esp. not that young). You should have drunk less and spent more time at the gym. You should have pushed and worked harder to go abroad. You should've been more careful. God only knows what you should have done about her or him
-Still figuring it all out
Dear Young Me,
 Everyone makes mistakes. Forgive yourself and others will too.
Dear young me,
 You'll come to regret all that blue eyeshadow.
-Older you with better taste now
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your life seeking for approval from others. Don't waste your time watching TV, movies, gossiping, disobeying your parents. God is real. Seek Him. Love Him. Obey Him. Honor Him. This will bring true happiness and peace. Jesus Christ is all you need.
-Love, the saved, redeemed older me
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