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Dear Young Me,
 Your mother could not love you, not because of who you were but because her love for you would have sabotaged her husbandís need to divide and conquer all females.
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Dear young me, this too shall pass
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't come back to the old boyfriend, no matter what he promises. You will came back to the same point of why you broke up on the first place. And you will be more broke.
-Happily divorced me
Dear Young Me,
 he will ask you to dance. Don't over think it and pleeease control your nervous rambling! Just shut up, smile and look him in the eyes. He could have been your first kiss...
-and, trust me, you want him to be
Dear Young Me,
 One day you'll have friends. A lot. So be as good as you can, and above all don't let them destroy you.
-Older and happy to be alive
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about the future, whatever you do there is always something more to do, just enjoy the moment..
-Older me.
Dear Young Me,
 don't be ashamed to ask for help. stuff you are dealing with is much bigger than you would ever be able to handle alone. but healing will come to you and you will feel great. do not wait for so long, start enjoying life - now.
-your happier older self
Dear older me,
 I hope I am doing the right thing...
-Younger me.
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