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Dear Young Me,
 Don't fall in love with your best friend in the whole world... when it all fades away, so does twelve years of friendship. He will become someone you have never met before.
-Signed a broken hearted me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time in relationships that make you unhappy. Respect yourself. Stand up for yourself. You deserve better. Fight for it.
-Stronger and happier me
Dear Young Me,
  You Deserve The Stars Above; Know Your Worth.
-Strong Me
Dear Younger Me,
 Dropping out of school is a bad idea. Yes the bills are hard to pay but your support system will be there for you. Swallow your pride and ask for help. You'll be able to return the favor soon enough.
-Signed- Your more regretful self
 Remember all those times you felt like you were worthless because of the way kids your age treated you, and all those times people told you they were just jealous and you didn't believe them? Turns out they were right, honey. You're fucking amazing, and everyone who says otherwise is the real loser.
-Beautiful and Confident
Dear Young Me,
 Do that damn homework. And go for Drake. He's brilliant.
-Trust Me
dear one year younger me,
 You know that boy you couldn't keep your eyes off of at spring fling? He will end up being the boy you want to spend your life with, the one who will pull you out of that depression you're in, keep your head up, it will get better, i promise.
-a little older, happier you
Dear Young Me,
 Coming out to your parents while living with them isn't the best choice to make. Don't do it. I know keeping it in kills you, but life will be so much easier if you come out to your parents after you've moved out and settled down on your own. It gets so much better once youre on your own, I promise.
-Never Been Happier
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