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Dear Young Me,
 Don't be blind to boys just because they are nerds. They are far more great, interesting, and even secretly kinky in relationships then a stupid stuck up boy with commitment problems.
-Sincerely, Better Off With Him.
Dear Young Me,
 Embrace those who love you...they will be gone before you know it...
-Older,wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 No matter how unreasonable she sounds now, Mom is always right in the end.
-Old Me
Dear Young Me,
 not every love story ends with happily ever after, some love stories are short stories that doesnt mean that they where any less powerfull.
-your fixed heart
Dear 11 year-old-me,
 Don't skip school. Ever. Especially not on September 11th, 2001. New York may be fun, but you should have been in class.
- I still have nightmares
Dear childhood me,
 Love what you've got. It may be no more than a few Barbies and playmates during recess, but it's damn sure better than depression and drugs.
-16 year old me.
Dear Young Me,
 He isn't worth it. Don't give it up. He will break your heart bad. He is a liar. So is she. So don't go back. Walk away. Just know that every day you look yourself in the mirror and said..I'm good enough and someone will see it..your right he does.
-Sincerely, hold out for whats next
Dear Young Me,
 Your going to meet a friend who is going to "change your life" she will for a while but in the end will hurt you more than you can imagine. Be careful, look for signs.. This happened once before.
-you, with extreme trust issues
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