Dear Young Me,
 Don't pull away from your family when they are ill. I know that you are scared of losing them, but be there for them.
-Don't have regrets
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to George Carlin.
-Wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 Your mother has mental illness. It's not all your fault. You will grow up to be a wonderful person and help many people. Be kind to yourself.
-Little Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't make fun of people's hopes and dreams. It's often all that they have to keep them going.
-You aren't as wise as you think.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop making decisions based on what you imagine other people will think about you.
-Broke and Empty
Dear Young Me,
 You can't fix everything, but almost everything can fix itself if it's given time.
-Still Young and Learning
Dear Young Me,
 An unused life is an early death, so start doing something with it.
-Read a lot of Goethe
Dear Young Me,
 Even though it is sometimes hard, try your best.
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