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Dear Young Me,
 In high school, you may feel not confident, unpopular, not pretty or skinny. Girls will hate you and make fun of you. You will cry yourself to sleep. You will feel like you have no friends. But, once you get to college, you will find yourself and be better than ever...
-Future President of a Sorority
Dear young Me,
 just tell her you admire her, tell her you can't sleep, nor eat, nor stop thinking about her any more look her in the eyes tell her... If you don't you WILL break your own heart.
-still stupid slightly older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You'll join the military when you're 20 and eventually see war. By age 23 you'll have seen and done things that very few have. Sure things won't feel right after you get back and for years to follow, but you'll eventually end up where you'll find the man that brings the sunshine back into your life.
-Finally happy again
Dear Scared Young Self,
 You came out of the closet, and so did Mom. It's worth it.
-Out and about Self
Dear Young Me,
 The accident was tragic and you will be so sad you lost her, but eventually the hurt will only be an ache. And someday, you will get her name tattooed on your wrist and then you'll get to share her story with everyone who asks about it. She would be so proud of who you've grown up to be.
-Still missing her.
Dear Young Me,
 dont try to pull off that U-turn, it will forever change your life.
- older me
Dear Young Me,
 On September 11, 2001, tell Daddy not to go into work. If not, he won't be coming home. :/
-Fatherless for 10 years.
Dear high school me,
 DON'T go to college right away! you have no clue what you want to do just wait until you are sure
-$100k in debt and no degree me
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