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Dear Younger Me,
 Just because your dad didn't love, doesn't mean all other guys that try to love you don't. Don't purposely hurt guys because of your grudge. Because when you finally open your heart you'll be happy. You'll learn to be "rather loved and loss than not to love at all"
- Single but complete older you
Dear Young Me,
 If you meet a blond cute geeky guy at your friend's party in eighth grade and then later wind up working with him that summer.... don't date him. He's actually really creepy.
-The Me That Delt With It
Dear Young Me,
 Just breathe. Accept things how they are, you're happy right now. Stop trying to find reasons to get upset, you only push him away. Let him love you in his way, don't force him to do things just because other boys do them. He loves you, just you. Don't think forget.
-Signed, In The Moment
dear me last summer,
 he was only a small summer fling and you turned it into something more than it should have been. He'll hurt you, but you'll become even stronger than you thought imaginable. He also turns into a male cheerleader. It's okay, karma K-I-C-K-S his A-S-S!
-love, the strongest future girl
Dear Young Me,
 If you wanna be happy, be. Create your life. Open up yourself to the world. Take chances. Remember that the only things I regret today are the chances I did not take, the relationships I was too afraid to have, the good people I ignored and decisions I delayed.
-Your Knowing self
Dear Young Me,
 Honestly, just stop. Stop trying to be friends with these people. They aren't genuine and you're better off alone. Stop faking who you are. Stop judging. Stop forcing happiness. Stop looking for love. Life will be fine. Just wait.
-You know who
Dear Young Me,
 You know your high school rival? She gets knocked up and drops out of college. You end up with 2 degrees from 2 different universities in 6 years. Stop worrying about trying to beat her and everyone else for that matter. We're all right kid.
-You, only better
Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for not giving up on your dream when everyone told you it wasn't going to take you anywhere. It's going to take you everywhere!
-Successful Today!
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