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Dear Young Me,
 talk to her. tell her how it felt to be given up. tell her you love her. how grateful you are. say the things you're afraid to say, because you think it might hurt her. it won't. you both need this.
-left behind after suicide
Dear Young Me,
 You've waited for him for 5 years, he led you on and broke your heart. When he finally gave you a chance - it lasted a day. You'll never be good enough for him, but you're the best thing he'll ever have.
-If he wanted you, you'd be his.
Dear Young Me,
 Falling in love with him was so easy, but losing him will be hard.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 He'll come around and leave and come around again, but you shouldn't.
- Left too late
Dear Young Me,
 Stop leaving things half way done. It's going to screw with your mind, your heart, and even with your friendships. Stop making promises you can't keep, starting things you know you can't finish, and just learn to say no hun. It'll help with everything. Trust me.
-Older, Learning Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't play truth or dare at you're 11th birthday!
-10 years of denial
Dear Young Me,
 Dont give up on that dream of forever just because youre dad ruined your family and your relationship with him. That guy will come along, and show you prince charming still exists.
-signed the one who found him
Dear Young Me,
 Just get over yourself, get out of your own head and have fun - other people aren't watching and judging.
-Older Me.
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