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Dear Younger Me,
 Believe nothing you see and half of what you hear
-I Should Have Known Better
Dear Young Me,
 You aren't lost. The sooner you stop looking for that "best path", the quicker you will find yourself already on it. Be patient.
-No Regrets
Dear Young Me,
 You were never supposed to be a doctor. Go to art school, darling.
-Love, Starting Over
Dear Young Me,
 welcome to the future, it should look familiar since it is a repeat of the past...
Dear misguided,
 Let go of the bad and let the good overflow within your life. Don't let countless losers take your joy away from you.
-Finally Getting it.
Dear Young Me,
 Study hard in high school! Do your homework, and work hard- you would never believe how smart you actually are. Don't give up!
-motivated college student
Dear Young Me,
 Focus on your studies. There is a time for everything.
-Sincerely, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Thanks for waiting two years for that boy, even though people called you silly. We're happy now. :)
-Older me.
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