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Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying so hard to win their approval. In the end, they won't mean anything to you. Hold on to the people who truly care about you and be true to yourself.
-Older Me.
Dear Marginally Younger Me,
 Don't sweat it. Remember how cool you are without him. He fell in love with you for a reason. Find that reason again.
-XOXO Your old/new self
Dear young me,
 Remember, no one can be happy all the time. She'll get mad, she'll get sad and she won't be the nicest person during those times but remember, she loves you with all her heart, so be patient with her.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 All the years that they made fun of you for being fat, a loner and too smart will be nothing. You're going to be successful and a role model and they're all going to look at you and wish that they were as happy as you are now. Oh, and even though he hates you now, he'll love you later.
-The Happy to Be Alive You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give yourself up to your boyfriend at age 14. He breaks your heart. You'll regret it and hate him for it once you find the only man you'll ever need a couple years later. At age 16 you fall in love. We're getting married today.
-Older Me
Dear Vulnerable Me,
 Don't drink it; there's more vodka in it than he implied. Don't follow him upstairs; there are less people around than you'd hoped. Don't get in bed with him; he's stronger than you thought.
-Finally Recovered.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't try so hard. He will noice you.. and soon become your best friend.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 When he sits behind you on the bus and starts talking to you, please just turn back around and ignore him.
-It will change your whole life.
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