Dear Young Me,
 Start drinking at an early age so you don't look like a loser when you get wasted off of 1 beer at college.
-Freshman year was rough
Dear Young Me,
 Don't just hangout with your boyfriend and his friends. He's not as cool as you think he is, and you're missing out on some great people. GO LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE, NOT HIS!
-your more mature counter-part
Dear Young Me,
 It wasn't your fault.
-Healing Me
Dear High School me,
-Love, College me
Dear Middle School me,
 Don't get your hopes up. Guys act really stupid in High School too. Just be patient.
-Love, College me
Dear younger me,
 Keep your "Hey Arnold" tapes because you're gonna miss them when you're 19.
-Love, College me
Dear Middle School Me,
 Those boys you want to impress aren't worth it. You're just going to embarrass yourself, and develop a self-esteem complex. They'll stay in your small town, wishing they were back in high school, while you meet the love of your life and live happily ever after.
-76 year-old You
Dear Middle School me,
 The whole Disney obsession is not just a phase.
- Still watching Dumbo in College
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