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Dear Young Me,
 Give a guy a chance. Go after him. Don't be afraid to ask the guy you want out. Take the first step. Accept the first date. Have fun. Smile.
-Regretful But Still Younger You
Dear Young Me,
 You're going to struggle to be yourself and keep your friends - fight to hold on to them. They are worth it.
-Someone who let them get away
Dear Young Me,
 When he leaves, let him go. It will turn out to be the best thing that happens to you :)
-Old Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't wait for him to come home from college. Go out, have fun, and know that one day there will be someone better that takes your breath away.
-signed someone who waited too long
Dear Younger Me,
 Take more of a chance with love. Put yourself out there even if you are scared of getting hurt. Otherwise, you'll end up alone like I am right now.
-Older and a lonely you
Dear Young Me,
 It's ok to cry, what you're going through sucks. Mom is the smartest person in the world and she loves you. Listen to her. Try out for All State senior year, you'll regret not doing it. Embrace who you are because there are some people who think you're pretty wonderful.
-A happier, more outgoing you.
Dear Young Me,
 the answers to the physics exam are accbdadcbbcadbba, no need to study know ;)
-Sincerely, you need the A+
Dear Young Me,
 That girl that was supposed to wait for you at college? She doesn't. But that girl you met at orientation that spontaneously asked you to go to the movie with her? She does.
-a very happy you
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