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Dear Young Me,
 He comes back. So stop crying your heart out. Your heart cant take all the heart break.
-a stronger you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go back to him after the first break up. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
-heartbroken and confused You
Dear Young Me,
 No matter how hard you think it is, you make it through. Don't stop trying to make yourself happy, don't forget what daddy told you.
-Older Self.
Dear Young Me,
 Tell him how you feel, it'll be too late before you know it, and he will be gone with the blink of an eye. You end up with someone who loves you more than life itself, but you never escape the feeling that if you said something to your secret childhood/highschool love things could've been different.
-A Regretful Heart
Dear high schoolers,
 Fuck up, screw up. Sing, dance, scream. Run in the rain. Try, don't try. Do what you feel. Climb shit, party, have the best experiences possible, because you never know when your time will run out. So just fucking live
-Sincerely a senior realizing this
Dear Young Me,
 You can do it, and you will be happy. P.S. You marry him.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't cry over Mike. He never treated you right anyway. In a few years, you will find a wonderful man who puts you first, kisses your mom on the cheek, has long talks with your dad, and loves you more than you could ever know. And he was there all along.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Make sure to use your brain at all times. Remember some mistakes can not be changed, but you will always learn from them.
-Older me
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