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Dear Young Me,
 not every love story ends with happily ever after, some love stories are short stories that doesnt mean that they where any less powerfull.
-your fixed heart
Dear 11 year-old-me,
 Don't skip school. Ever. Especially not on September 11th, 2001. New York may be fun, but you should have been in class.
- I still have nightmares
Dear childhood me,
 Love what you've got. It may be no more than a few Barbies and playmates during recess, but it's damn sure better than depression and drugs.
-16 year old me.
Dear Young Me,
 He isn't worth it. Don't give it up. He will break your heart bad. He is a liar. So is she. So don't go back. Walk away. Just know that every day you look yourself in the mirror and said..I'm good enough and someone will see it..your right he does.
-Sincerely, hold out for whats next
Dear Young Me,
 Your going to meet a friend who is going to "change your life" she will for a while but in the end will hurt you more than you can imagine. Be careful, look for signs.. This happened once before.
-you, with extreme trust issues
Dear Young Me,
 Enjoy the time you have with dad now, enjoy the conversations that never end even when you want to hang up the phone. Embrace moment with him. Go places and sing as loud as you can with him in the car, he's the best dad. Remember he loves you.
-you, knowing whats about to come..
Dear Young Me,
 There will always be bullies in your life, to push you around and call you names. Always remember not to give into their antics and remain strong. Surround yourself with those who will lift you up! You're gonna find some really awesome friends in the future.
-Future Self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be stupid and actually fall in love. It only causes pain in the end.
-Don't forget me
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