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Dear Young Me,
 Not graduating college on time wasn't a horrible mistake. That last 6 months with your friends were some of the best times.
Dear Young Me,
 She wouldn't want you to do that, even though she's passed on. Behave, and remember to smile. She's not dead in your heart and you know that. Also, please brush your teeth more. You will thank yourself for it later.
-Signed, older and slightly wiser.
Dear Young Me,
 Spend more time with your puppy. Someday she won't be there anymore and it is going to break your heart.
-Love, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to them, you never grow into your ears.
-Signed, Dumbo
Dear Young Me,
 Do whatever the hell you matter what I say you'll want to find out for yourself anyway.
-Sincerely, always learning...
Dear Young Me,
 I want you to stop and think where you are right now, in this moment. I want you to do this every time you pick up that knife. Because I didnít, and it didnít do me any good.
-Love, an older, scarred self
Dear Young Me,
 Get over him, it's easier than you thought. Besides, he leaves you for another girl after that summer that you thought you were closer than ever. Don't wait seven years - he's not worth it, I promise!
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 dont be in a rush to settle down, there's a big world to see! explore it with your friends!
-antisit on twiter :)
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