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Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for not marrying the guy I met when I was 17. At that age you don't know what you want.
-With a better man
Dear Young Me,
 We were so thin and beautiful at 17. Break up with that guy you just met and live out your youth (trust me that 3-year relationship is not worth it!). You meet an amazing person later.
-15lbs heavier and looking back.
Dear Young Me,
 There are many who didn't pay attention to their lessons and they're looking back and realizing they're idiots. Thank you Ms. Schuster.
-Every Day Me
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, being "tough" and keeping everyone out will keep you from having your heartbroken, but you'll never truly be satisfied.
-Older and finally Happy me
Dear younger me,
 Your relationship with the asshole your dating? It only gets worse. Dump him. Believe me, you CAN and WILL do better :)
-Your smarter, older self.
Dear Young Me,
 DO NOT test him. He loves you, just believe it. Getting him back will be the hardest thing you'll ever do so don't let him go.
-Where are you now?
Dear Young Me,
  Love is not supposed to hurt. If it does, it isn't love. So let him go, a better man is waiting for his turn.
-A much happier and stronger me
Dear Young Me,
 Pain is temporary. Emotional anguish doesn't have to become physical pain. He truely loves you and even if that too is temporary, enjoy it while you can.
-The scars on your wrist
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