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Dear Young Me,
 Don't start liking him again, he's changed and isn't the sweet boy you once knew. Don't try to impress him either, you are perfect just the way you are, and if he can't see that; his loss.
-realizing all boys are dumbasses
Dear Young Me,
 Put down the razor blades and get some help.
-Happier me
Dear Young Me,
 Have the courage to walk away with your head held high. Be a duck. Some days it will be hard but trust there is a plan in place for you. It may not be what you expect but accept the ride and enjoy the good times and forget the bad. Always be the bigger person.
-Still riding the roller coaster
Dear Young Me,
 Stop obsessing over the small things. Forget what happened in the past and move on. There is much more to life than the cute boy in the corner. Love yourself. One day you will finally be the person who you aspire to be. Forget about the haters who teased you. Life is much better now.
-Love, an older, happier me.
Dear kiddo,
 Please, PLEASE quit drinking while you can!! Your future depends on it!
-Nothing Left...
Dear Young Me,
 Enjoy the ride.
-every moment counts
Dear Young Me,
 Stay strong, most days were hard. But holding onto the few moments of happiness allowed you to bloom into the strong individual you are. P.S. Everyday you see dad in the hospital hold his hand and tell him how much you love him. You won't regret it.
Dear Young Me,
 You have to hurt, to appreciate feeling better.
-it'll all work out
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