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Dear Young Me,
 Congrats on being the first to the egg.
-Champion swimmer, circa 1968.
Dear Young Me,
 Watching Kung Fu movies does not make you Bruce Lee.
-We got our butt kicked a few times.
Dear Young Me,
 If you hear noises coming from Mom's room, stay out!
-Can't unsee some things.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't turn to the dark side of the force.
Dear Young Me,
 Wait for the perfect woman. She's out there. Don't settle. Don't.
-Found her.
Dear kid full of promise,
 Stop watching TV and start living your own life.
-Older Me
Dear Stubborn and Young Me,
 I could warn you of all the bad stuff that will happen, but you will just ignore me anyways. So fuck you for running me into debt.
-Sincerely screwed.
Dear Young Me,
 Finish what you start. Do not let the fear of failure hold you back. You will fall on your face. It is the getting back up and dusting yourself off that makes you a person to be proud of. Love yourself.
-Best Regards, Regrets the things they did not do
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