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Dear Young Me,
 Don't look through his drawer, you'll just find things that will be burned into your memory, soon causing the relationship to fall apart based on your new on your insecurities.
-Looking for tape.
Dear Young Me,
 Peace is the gift you give yourself when you stop worrying about how other people measure you and start measuring yourself by what God's forgiven and you've accepted.
-The Me You Will Become
Dear Young Me,
 Still not working out like you thought I would.
-Future Self
Dear Young Me,
 Stop suffering and trying to be enough for him. You first have to learn to love yourself, you already worth it…and he knows it.
-The happier you
Dear Younger Me,
 What saved you, made you so much stronger.
-Signed, Older Me
Dear young me, ,
 Just because she broke your heart doesn't mean you have to stop caring about her. You'll love her more every day and won't ever stop thinking about her and that is okay, but keep your eyes on the big picture and don't let it affect the ones that DO love you. You WILL be happy in the end. I promise.
-Older me
Dear Younger Me,
 Being raped will not break you. It will get better.
-Stronger Me
Dear Young Me,
 You're gonna be okay
-Older Me.
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