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Dear Young Me,
 Don't accept that drink, it changes you forever.
Dear Young Me,
 You are good enough. I'm still working on believing that, so if we start earlier maybe you can actually achieve it sooner.
-Still you
Dear Young Me,
 You are really smart. Get your lazy ass out of the couch and get some studying. Maybe that way you can actually finish college.
-Youself, the non graduated
Dear Young Me,
 your going to have the best girl friend in the world.
-Your happy go lucky self
Hiya little me!,
 You have sound instincts. Keep following 'em kid, you are going to be so happy :)
-One happy, successful lady.
Dear young and hopeful me,
 If you're hoping your boyfriend will change without you talking to him, you're wrong.
-The wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 One month and two days is NOT long enough to be in a relationship before having sex, especially when he's going to dump you four days later. The next three months of rebuilding your life are going to suck
-But you and I made it through
Dear younger me,
 When all of your friends make fun of you for wanting to stay single, don't hide your hurt feelings from them. And definitely don't date your two closest guy friends in an attempt to fit in. Those guys deserved better than that, and, quite frankly, so do you.
-The older you
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