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Dear Young Me,
 You're beautiful, inside and out. Don't let your boyfriend's parents tell you that you're not a good kid--you're very conservative, and they have no idea how much worse it could have been. Also, don't put up with him not standing up for you. You love him, but he obviously isn't able to love you.
-The older and wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 You should have walked when you had the chance. The longer you hold on, the harder it gets. This will never be an easy decision to make but you just may be happier in the long run. He is not your life. You can survive.
-Still in heartache...
Dear Young Me,
 Y'know those thoughts you have, deep inside, telling you that you're really just a little girl? Yeah, stop ignoring those, and get out of those boy clothes that your parents keep putting you in. You're still blooming, and beautiful, and you have a whole life to be the real you. So embrace it.
-The Self-Accepting Me
Dear Young Me,
 just breathe. yes, life is hard. but high school didnt last forever. dont waste time being unhappy. boys suck, and yes maybe youre not perfect, but that doesnt mean youre not amazing. never forget who you are.
-love your graduated self
Dear Young Me,
 I know it hurts. The next 365 days are going to be utter hell. But that little voice in the back of your head that's telling you that it will get better? That's me. Let go. Once you do, you'll find the love you were waiting for.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You've got 18 years left. Go.
-Emptier than I Thought
Dear Loser, ,
 Stop being such an awkward loser and tell her you like her as if you mean it. Otherwise graduation will come before you know it and you'll regret all the missed opportunities.
-Signed, Still Awkward
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid to tell someone that you care for them. In the end they might break your heart, because they think you broke theirs.
-Confused me
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