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Dear Young Me,
 Stop regretting everything. Just stop. People come and go, just enjoy them while you can.
-ready to move on.
Dear Young Me,
 Making your problems known over a Facebook Status is never a good idea.
-Believe me, you just look stupid.
Dear Young Me, ,
 Life is hard, and I know you hate yourself now. But you will grow to love yourself, and life will be a little less hard.
-There is only one You.
Dear Young Me,
 Just because your dad didn't love you properly doesn't mean you need to make every other boy in your life love you. You will ruin yourself.
-Don't Drink So Much.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying to make something happen, your guy friends are valuable as friends.
Dear Young Me,
 Karma does exist. Don't be a bitch.
- Trust Me on This One
Dear Young Me,
 Yeah she's nice but she doesn't love you. Don't be a twat about it, she is still a great friend.
-A less bitter, older you.
Dear Young Me,
 never go anywhere on your own at night, its not safe and something could end up happening which ruins the rest of your life.
-your streetwise older self.
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