Dear younger me,
 Ever moment spent worrying and being OCD is a second you could have spent happily, with family and friends, doing everything you ever wanted - go see a doctor!
-can handle my OCD w/o meds now
Dear Young Me,
 Being in a relationship doesn't have to be complicated - don't waste another second being unhappy
-After finding true love (its real)
Dear Young Me,
 Tell someone!! Dont let him keep doing this to you. Its not your fault.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 just kiss him already.
-or he will never know
Dear Young Me,
 Never let anything bring you down. People love you not only because you're beautiful and charismatic, but because you're strong.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't take that boy's abuse, because you really don't deserve it. Don't believe that he loves you. If he did, he would never pressure or force you into anything. Save yourself and break away now. You'll find someone who will treat you right with nothing but sincere love in a few years. I promise.
- Once abused, but now loved
Dear school-aged me,
 Despite what you were told about what was expected of you, living for your parents will leave you feeling empty. If you let your family live through you they will take credit for your successes but never for your failures. Its very hard, but learn to live for yourself.
-disowned but empowered older-you
Dear Younger me,
 He's emotionally abusive. when he said he loved you he filed for divorce anyway, when he said he still loved you and not her, he didn't file that time... stay away, protect yourself, you deserve better then abusers and sociopaths !
-Love, Finally figured it out You
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