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Dear Young Me,
 Surprisingly, you CAN run 13.1 miles. Crazy what happens when you trust your friends.
-Half Marathoner
Dear Young Me,
 fuck em all. your true friends don't judge you.
-Doing great now
Dear Young Me,
 That time you spent crying over him he spent getting over you, don't worry he isn't worth it. He will only forever disappoint and hurt you. Focus on spending time with dad instead, you don't know it yet but he's sick.
-The wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 You're a really good friend, but don't let that be your fatal flaw.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't spend all your money on stupid movies, fast food, and purses.
-broke college me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't self destruct. You are worth so much more than the things you have done in your past. Today is a perfect day to move on.
Dear Young Me,
 Ya know how you avoid the frat boy types? Keep doing that... with a healthy amount of skepticism. Dont let anyone make you falsely feel better than you genuinely make yourself feel.
-Post-affair me
Dear Young Me,
 Wait for it.
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