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Dear Young Me,
 He is not the only fish in the ocean
-Succesfull Me
Dear Over-enthusiastic Me,
 Don't change. What the world calls maturity is actually bitterness. Keep your passions blazing like the heat of 1000 suns.
-A young man, old at heart
Dear Young Me,
 Would you be proud?
-Unsure of life
Dear Young Me,
 Don't change anything! Not your mind, not your plans, not your dreams, not anything! Just keep doing what you're doing and remember that everything usually turns out better than expected! PS. Go eat some ice-cream now!
-Older-and-Happy You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't try to help your schizophrenic mum. You're now too depressed to eat and you're in a hospital.
-Help yourself first
Dear Young Me,
 Don't do it. And stop crying, things will be fine.
-It's okay
Dear Everyone,
 Be happy in the present.
-Does it matter who wrote this?
Dear Young Me,
 Don't trust your mother-in-law. She hates you.
-Older Me.
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