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Dear little self,
 You're 11, there's no reason to be 180 pounds -- go run or something. You'll regret this come prom.
-Graduated me.
Dear Young Me,
 If he doesn't treat you right, walk away.
-Me After Eleven Years Wasted
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go straight to university after high school. Live at home and go to community college. Hopefully then you won't flunk out, get assaulted twice, get knocked up, lose that baby, and end up never going back to college.
-Listen to parents about college
Dear Young Me, ,
 Don't let them get to you. Follow your heart and chase your dreams, always. But listen to your head too. Find love, and hold onto it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Oh, and listen to A Day To Remember. A LOT of A Day To Remember. They will save your entire life.
-Growing Up, Finally.
Dear Young Me, ,
 Live for yourself first. If you put others first they will love you now, but if you put yourself first and them second they will respect and love you forever.
-Older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't leave him because you love him and he could hurt you. He won't. He loved you too.
-loved and lost
Dear Virginal Me,
 Stretch beforehand.
-Sincerely, Not Virginal Me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop regretting everything. Just stop. People come and go, just enjoy them while you can.
-ready to move on.
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