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Dear Younger Me,
 I wish you hadn't changed.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't change a thing. I know you're miserable now and you wish you could change absolutely everything, but if you could see me you'd know that you'll lose the weight, you'll travel the world, you'll get the guy, and everything works out in the end.
-Sincerely, Not Perfect But Happy
Dear Young Me,
 It will get worse and she'll completely break you. She'll never be yours and you'll always love her. But don't worry, eventually things start to improve. Accept yourself, everyone else will do.
-2 years later
Dear Young(er) Me,
 I have no qualms with you. All I have to say is this: Thank you for waiting until the right time. Thank you for pushing through the hard times. And finally, thank you for finally realizing that you deserve someone and something better, and not being afraid to take a chance at it. Keep at it kiddo.
-Signed, finally in Love and Happy
Dear Younger Me, ,
 Lookin' Fly
-Still Poppin' The Collar
Dear Young Me,
 Just because one guy lost your trust doesn't mean someone else can't gain it. let him into your heart.
-same age me
Dear Young Me,
 Please don't let the boys keep walking along by the ocean. Please call them back to the group. Please stick together. Please don't let that rogue wave take them. Please.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 People will be people and you will probably never be good enough for everyone. Stop trying and instead succeed within yourself.
-Signed, Older Me.
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