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Dear younger me,
 She will always be the favourite - Daddy's girl, the popular one, the beautiful one. You're the studious, adventurous, courageous, independent one. You always wanted to be her. She'll never tell you, but she wishes she were more like you.
-2 years, 11 days older
Dear Young Me,
 It'll be the most awkward kiss of your life, but it she turns out to be the best girlfriend ever :)
-Better kisses, better love
Dear Young Me,
 Your illness is actually a blessing in disguise. Don't lose hope.
-A healthier, happier me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let fear and rejection keep you from trying. You're going to fuck up every once in a while but, at least you can say you tried
-Older Me,
Dear Young Me,
 Get out of that unhealthy relationship. If he hits you he doesn't love you. Don't let him force you into doing anything your uncomfortable with. Please, fight with all of your might. It may just save you a ton of issues in the long run.
- Older Me, Independant and Strong
Dear Young Me,
 Stop playing videogames, stop reading books. The things you need to learn and to do in your life depends on how well you interact with others. Go outside.
-Older Me, full of regret
Dear Young Me,
 He is a jerk. You find prince charming within a month of breaking up.
-Older You
Dear hard working me,
 Keep your genitals away from the wood chipper.
-Eunuch me
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