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Dear Young Me,
 Dont lower yourself just because you think he will never love you the way you love him. He is just flirting, honey. Put yourself first in all circumstances, because YOUR problems are bigger than his.
-Smarter Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't respond to that Facebook IM, he will abuse you mentally and physically.
-Older untrusting you
Dear young, innocent me,
 Don't sleep with every guy that tells you you're pretty.
-Sincerely, older sluttier you.
Dear Younger Me,
 Slow down. Please. You will regret it. Enjoy the simple things everything that you want to do you can and should do it when you're older.
-Regretful Older You.
Dear Young Me,
 I am now struggling through life because you were to lazy to get off Facebook and study for your finals.. Thanks, for nothing.
-Older Me.
Dear Slightly Younger Me,
 I know it will hurt to see her like this, but visit your aunt. You wont get another chance in this life.
-Slightly Old You
Dear Young Me,
 Make more friends while your in school and don't be afraid to join the football team. You will regret it.
-older me
Dear Me,
 Realize that you're holding on to something that doesn't exist anymore. The person you miss doesn't exist anymore. Things we like and dislike change. We can wish they wouldn't all day long, but that never works.
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