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Dear Young me,
 Don't waste your time with regret. Learn from your decisions, both good and bad, and move on. You'll be a better person for it.
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Do not drunkenly kiss your family friend in Cancun. You'll lose your boyfriend and be miserable for 6 months.
-Sincerely, Regretful Older Me
dear younger me,
 talk to your friend about how you feel about yourself now! It may take you a bottle of wine to have the courage to tell her, but once you find out you have Borderline Personality Disorder things just become so much clearer.
-still young, but infinity happier
Dear stuck in her room,
 Don't worry if it seems like you are always spending time alone, immersed in a fantasy world. One day, you will have so much to say.
-goes to dinner parties
Dear me two years ago,
 Don't look up when he says hey for the very first time.
-Sincerely, broken-hearted
Dear 16-year old me,
 I know you're dreaming about this singer all the time and guess what: in about 20 years you'll have the most incredible romance with him! Unfortunately it won't last. But hey, your dream came true.
-Older, still amazed, me.
Dear Young Me,
 All those hardships that almost killed you, really don't mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. Forgive and Forget, it's the better option.
- Older, if not wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 I still have no idea what I want so don't worry.
-Still confused, just older
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