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Dear Young Me,
 Let the guitarist go, and watch how your music will evolve.
-A Musically Enlightened Me
Dear Young Me,
 stop caring about what other people tell you about what you can and can't do. live how you want and see who you want to. you may get hurt along the way, but you'll have lived more than they will.
-a happier me.
Dear Young Me,
 He's nothing like you dreamed of. He's so much more.
-Mrs. You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't act less intelligent than you really are for him. It's better to pass Science.
-An Honestly Intelligent Woman
Dear Young Me,
 Your best friend will die 4 days before your 16th birthday, so love him like you'll never see him again. P.S. Tell him you love him everytime he calls.
-Still missing him
Dear Young Me,
 That little cat you rescue will get you through so much. He will save your life. Pet him and give him treats every day.
Dear Young Me,
 You'll lose the baby because you wait for him to call for help. Don't wait.
Dear Young Me,
 Get out of that town. You'll miss your friends, family, and boyfriend, but you'll meet yourself.
-A Better Me
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