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Dear Young Me,
 Don't be such a wimp.
-Not a pushover now
Dear slightly younger me,
 She'll tell you she loves you, make you come out before your ready, and cheat on you. You will believe her, come out anyway, and give her your virginity. It's going to happen no matter what, but just don't hurt yourself over it. Those scars last a lot longer than the broken heart. You'll be fine.
-Sincerely, almost healed
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to your brother, dating someone you do not like a whole lot can back fire big time.
-Shyer me.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop stressing so much about the future. Don't spend so much money chasing tail. Everything turns out reasonably well.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 When he realizes that putting you first kept him away from his friends, he will push you away to make room for them. Take the time to make your own friends. Don't sit at home waiting for him to call. It will make you both healthier in the long run.
-Love yourself more than him
Dear Young Me,
 That girl you said you hated and ruined you and hoped she got fired from her job and had to move back to her hill billy town and become a pregnant bartender and slip downhill on the slope of life... will be the love of your life who defines what love is with you.
-Incredibly in love
Dear Young Me,
 It is okay to love someone just don't waste your time trying to force them to love you back. Love is a free spirit. It will come soon.
-Girl Still Waiting.
Dear Young Me,
 hold on. it will get better. oh, and, the dizzy spells? insomnia. knowing that will save you so much time and stress.
-very tired
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