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Dear Young Me,
 Ask more questions. Go up to people and talk to them. Relax, they'll like you.
-Future Me
Dear Old Me,
 Don't lose hope. Don't become pessimistic. Remember that everyone makes mistakes...more than once. Be honest and live transparently
-Overly naive
Dear Young Me,
 Boyfriends/ Girlfriends aren't everything... Love, Romance, companionship and forgiveness are. You'll understand what I mean in about 7 years time - Trust me
-Life path to freedom
Dear young me,
 Definitely take his number when he gives it to you. DO NOT have him come over when he gets off work at midnight. Enjoy the time you have with him. Also, try not to argue with mom over him so much, or you'll end up at dad's. But mostly, do not doubt that he will love you forever, because he will.
-Signed, older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Get the tattoos. You may not love em as much later, but they'll keep you from forgetting where you come from
-The Future You
Dear young me,
 Enjoy your high school years, but try to focus on school. College isn't much better, and paying for it yourself isn't fun.
-Stay away from "bad boys"
Dear Young Me,
 Don't get too caught up in this boy... or any boy.
- Older you
Dear Young Me,
 Stop wishing your youth away.
-Sincerely wish I were still young
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