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Dear young, confused me,
 I know you're unsure of yourself; who you are, what you stand for... but the truth is, you're a lesbian. Whether you like it or not, you are who you are. Accept it now, so that you can be a happier and content person in the future.
-Confident lesbian
Dear young straight me,
 When you feel like kissing her, do it...When she's got a new girlfriend and says she gave you every chance, you'll regret it.
-The Lesbian You.
Dear last summer me,
 He wasn't worth your whole summer. Never ever let someone have that much control over your life. You're independent and strong.
- This summer me
Dear teens,
 Be fucking happy, do you know how much time you wasted worrying and crying over something you won't remember after a couple of months?
-Live for once
Dear Young Me,
 I know you think you'll never be happy again, but you will. A few year's down the road he's going to drop out of college and still be living with his parents.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give up your volleyball scholarship because you "want to have a little fun." You're good and you love it. Now, you REALLY don't have time to have fun.
-Struggling To Pay For College
Dear Young Me,
 The guy you've loved for two years may have just broken your heart, but in a few months from now, you'll meet the love of your life. Stop crying and go enjoy your summer.
-Still with him three years later
Dear Young Me,
 I know that highschool is HELL and that kids are extremely mean and hurtful. You feel lost and alone but life gets better. You have an amazing husband and awesome friends. It'll all be worth it!
-The person you become
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