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Dear Young Me,
 Shopping isn't a great hobby, especially on your income -- and those doting salespeople won't be doting once you stop spending. Stop acting like you're rich, and start a budget.
-Finally out of debt
Dear Young Me,
 She isn't your best friend. In fact, one day she'll become the person you despise most. Ignore her insults, you've always been far prettier and more talented than her anyway. Your mom's right, she's just jealous.
-The you with real friends
Dear Young Me,
 It's ok to be like your parents.
Dear Young Me,
 He is just going to use you and leave you, don't loose your innocence to him.
-Signed, 4 months later
Dear Young Me,
 I'm sorry for the hell I am going to put you through. I should have tried harder.
-Regretful, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying so hard to win their approval. In the end, they won't mean anything to you. Hold on to the people who truly care about you and be true to yourself.
-Older Me.
Dear Marginally Younger Me,
 Don't sweat it. Remember how cool you are without him. He fell in love with you for a reason. Find that reason again.
-XOXO Your old/new self
Dear young me,
 Remember, no one can be happy all the time. She'll get mad, she'll get sad and she won't be the nicest person during those times but remember, she loves you with all her heart, so be patient with her.
-Older Me.
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