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Dear Young Me,
 Go to the doctor. You're dying.
-Need More Time
Dear Young Me,
 Don't feel bad about brown-nosing teachers. It helps you get ahead in life.
-Older student
Dear Young Me,
 Try harder to help him with his addiction. Intervention. Call the cops. Whatever you have to do. Eventually you lose him forever...
-grieving Me
Dear Young Me,
 Your not alone, Your not ugly, And yes boys do think your cute
-young and dumb
Dear Young Me,
 You won't be ugly forever. I promise.
-Love, the new, beautiful you
Dear Young Me,
 He's going to leave you. 3 years later you'll still be missing him, but don't let that hold you back from falling in love with someone new.
-Still Waiting
Dear Young Me,
 Get the chance to confess to him when you see the real him. Don't hold it off.
-Regretful me
Dear 16 Year Old Me,
 You're not pregnant. It's the bodily shock from the car accident causing all the health problems, but you'll be fine trust me. But that doesn't mean you should stay with him. The black eyes and bruises he'll give you will never be worth it. DUMP HIM NOW.
-Older Me
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