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Dear Young Me,
 I know you have doubts but go ahead and marry her anyway. The marriage won't last but you'll have a son who'll be the light of your life.
-Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Be patient. He will break your heart a dozen times over, but after 8 years it's finally your chance together. He is a better man because of you, one day he'll see that and spend the rest of his life making up for being a butthead.
-Happiest you've ever been You
Dear Young Me,
 mistakes happen for a reason, to learn from them and become a better person. Don't let those painful mistakes go to waste by repeating them over and over again. Treat everyone as if you knew their personal struggle and love like you've never been heartbroken
-a more realistic me
Dear young(er) me,
 Learn to dance. Dance all the time. When you dance, a whole new dancin' world will open up for you.
-Older, dancin' me
Dear Young Me,
 She's going to hurt you and make you angry. Your going to have a blow out and sink to the lowest of the low. It may seem like nothings going right, but people who love you will be right by your side. You are never alone and things will get better.
-Not so much older me
Dear Young Me,
 Life will take you to where you are meant to be. Don't worry.
-Slightly older me
Dear Young Me,
 You're going to get mad at him for not teaching you how to fall out of love. That's only because he's only starting to fall in love with you. I still don't know what you should have done.
-You, still mad.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't put up with something if you're not happy; do whatever you can to change things until you are. Life is supposed to fill you with joy, not sadness.
-19 year-old me
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