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Dear high-school-senior me,
 shit happens. Friends disappear, mentors turn their back, family gets sick, and parents divorce. Stay strong, and stay stubborn. It makes you beautiful.
-Love, No Longer Afraid of Life.
Dear Young Me,
 There's a reason it never worked out with anyone else.
-I'm happier now
Dear Young Me,
 When you jump into bed with his best friend, stay there. Don't get out simply for the sake of "doing the right thing." You'll be left at the altar anyway and the best man won't be there to save you.
-Slightly older, somewhat wiser me
Dear High School Me,
 Love her. Kiss her. Cherish her. Don't take your time for granted, and don't piss away the opportunities being thrown in your face. You'll regret it.
-Signed, College You
Dear Young Me,
 I want to say "Don't marry her", but if you don't, you won't have those 2 really wonderful kids. You decide(ed).
-Older Seperated Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't make your whole life about him. You have much more to live for than a guy.
-wiser me
Dear younger me,
 She will always be the favourite - Daddy's girl, the popular one, the beautiful one. You're the studious, adventurous, courageous, independent one. You always wanted to be her. She'll never tell you, but she wishes she were more like you.
-2 years, 11 days older
Dear Young Me,
 It'll be the most awkward kiss of your life, but it she turns out to be the best girlfriend ever :)
-Better kisses, better love
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