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Dear Young Me,
 Compromise is never worth it if you're compromising yourself.
Dear Young Me,
 Just remember what's waiting for you around the next corner
-Signed, Depression is temporary...
Dear 14 year old Me,
 You will have two boyfriends in the next year. #1 is gay (your dad called it). #2 is now a fresh-out-of-jail hillbilly with a receding hairline and a giant beer belly. Don't cry over either one of them, go jump on your trampoline instead.
- 21 Year Old Me
Dear younger me,
 High school IS rough, but you can't be so self-conscious. Go out for the football team. Go out with that girl you like. Other people don't matter. Trust me on this one, champ. Being yourself is the best thing you'll do. You still haven't found yourself, but trust me: you're well on your way.
-Confident-yet still looking for me
Dear younger me,
 Quit trying to fit in. If you have to act a certain to have friends, chances are, they're not really your friends.
-Older me
Dear young me,
 Quit trying to fit in. If you have to act a certain way to be friends, chances are, they're not your friends.
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't do what your thinking. Don't leave him. Don't cheat on him. Don't think he isn't everything. Later on you realize he is your everything & that you'll never find another.
- the lost soul
Dear Young Me,
 love him with all your heart, open up to him. he truly loves you and will always treat you like a princess.
-Madly in Love
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