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Dear Younger Me,
 Don't spend your life wishing to be someone else, because someday you'll turn out to be even better than you could have imagined.
-Signed Your Still Growing Self
Dear Young Me,
 when everyone tells you you're not pretty enough dont listen to them. the eating disorder you develop is not worth it. its going to damage your health and ruin relationships. you're prettiest when your happy.
-the older, broken me
Dear Young Me,
 Go to the party and meet him. Fall in love with him and get your heart broken by him. It's ok, the daughter he gives you makes it worth it.
-Happy Mommy
Dear Young Me,
 When you jump into bed with his best friend, stay there. Don't get out simply for the sake of "doing the right thing." You'll be left at the altar anyway and the best man won't be there to save you.
-Slightly older, somewhat wiser me
Dear Young me,
 You should of let her in, treating her bad didn't make you look cool. She wouldn't stay forever.
-Lesson Learned.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about what others think about you. Put yourself out there. Be brave and don't be afraid to take risks. Learn to be loved by God before you worry about being loved by a silly boy.
-Still Learning
Dear Young Me,
 If he sends you to therapy, he is not worth the tears.
-stronger, healed you
Dear Young Me,
 Coming out to your parents while living with them isn't the best choice to make. Don't do it. I know keeping it in kills you, but life will be so much easier if you come out to your parents after you've moved out and settled down on your own. It gets so much better once youre on your own, I promise.
-Never Been Happier
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