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Dear Young Me,
 Quit sports, practice your music.
-Just Short of Success
Dear young me,
 Never text him in the first place. Do not let him into your life. Do not hang out with him every free moment you get. Do not hold hands, cuddle, or kiss him. Do not date him. Do not let him take your virginity. Do not cry over him. DO NOT GET BACK WITH HIM. Do not continue dating him after you leave for college. Do not make every effort to be with him on the weekends while you are at college. Do not cry over him some more. Do not get back with him again and again and again. Do not talk to him when you get home from college in the summer. Do not get upset when he continues to be a bad person. Do end everything for the last time and finally break the 2 year cycle of hell.
-An older, emotionally exhausted y
Dear Young Me,
 When you go to college, get a single room and stay away from the gingers. It will significantly improve your experience.
-Roomed with a nutcase.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't date her. After two years, she decides she is straight.
-Guess it wasn't true love
Dear Young Me,
 Live life as it comes, and be happy...
-older me..
Dear Young Me,
 Do your work and don't slack off, school isn't a waste of time. It's real, its now, and guess what that 2.5 gpa was a real crowd thriller
-Sincerly Kicking Myself in the Ass
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fall for him, he will hurt you.
-Heartbroken again
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