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Dear Young Me,
 You will get through this and meet the most amazing person to help you put the past to rest. Stay strong you are going to have to most amazing life.
-older and wiser
Dear Young Me,
 Moving to this country was the best decision your parents ever made. The culture shock will end, the crying will stop, and trust me, you will be happy once again.
-A happy foreigner
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give up trying. She's going to need you someday soon... and when she does be ready for one hell of a ride.
-Anxiety attack
Dear Young Me,
 Don't spend your entire youth trying to make him a better person. He is incapable of changing. Find someone who has a heart to give you in exchange for yours, because he didn't.
Dear young me,
 Live life day by day. Don't get too ahead of yourself or try to finish early; look at the present not the future; Don't take him for granted and don't listen to what people say; you'll lose the love of your life.
-Signed, still wondering.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be so upset about moving. The friends you had changed and the person you are now is so much happier.
-Older Me
Dear Young Fool,
 Those prescription pills aren't in your name. Don't take them. It'll fuck you up.
-You and some change.
Dear Thirteen Year Old Me,
 He is not the only boy in the universe, I promise. And it's a good thing you didn't do it, you deserve better.
-Your slightly older self.
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