Dear Young Me,
 You don't hate being alive. You hate being a child. Don't worry, it will be over soon.
-Love, Adult Me
Dear Young Me,
 Do not marry this woman. Run far from her. She will cause you more pain than you can ever imagine.
-Older, Wiser, and terribly hurt.
Dear Young Me,
 don't settle for anyone other than who you've fallen for
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, you have stage fright. So what? Start the band and get on stage. You get over it after two shows. The feeling is incredible.
-Your Future Musician Self
Dear Young Me,
 Fuck what they say about you. You will find the one guy who loves you and thinks you are beautiful no matter what.He is worth every time you cried when they said you were ugly.Just stay strong, he's out there i promise. You will be happy.
-The Beautiful You
Dear Young Me,
 Make sure you tell him how much he means to you early on. He'll probably forget and fuck everything up.
-lost my best friend
Dear Young Me,
 Don't sweat that girl in high school. The girl you'll meet first semester of college is so much better for you... even if it takes her a year or so to come around.
-Sincerely, Happily proven wrong.
Dear Young Me,
 there are no regrets. even though there were tough times, he changed you for the better. You cried, you laughed, you gave him your life and he at one point he did love you. even though it sucks at one point you grow into an amazingly strong person and no one can take that from you.
-your future strenght
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