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Dear Young Me,
 Get into the habit of putting a little bit of money aside each month. You'll appreciate having an emergency fund later.
-Signed Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Forget about the whole modeling thing, you love ice cream too much anyways. What about opening a restaurant?
-Proud Size 12 (with boyfriend)
Dear Young Me,
 Advice that make generalizations are usually not worth much... Most things are not so black and white.
-Dr. Over Reflective
Dear Young Me,
 Go up and talk to her and hang out with her. She'll be a blast and make you laugh. She'll also be dead in 2 years. And go to the funneral, even if you don't know a soul there.
-wish i would
Dear Young Me,
 You dont know anything. Your a sad, scared, angry little girl. Dont try to make everyone happy, because no matter how many people love you; it means SHIT if you dont love yoursef. Listen to your dad. Dont try to escape life. instant gratification doesn't exsist in the long run. YOUR A GOOD PERSON!
-a little less lost you
Dear Young Me,
 Stop waiting for that someone to maybe one day to meet your expectations and feel what you feel.
-Disappointed boy.
Dear Young Me,
 It's true what they say: people never change. Sometimes we just choose to ignore what is right in front of us.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 For God's sake don't marry her!!! Wait for Mary Lou. She'll be here in about ten years. You can wait.
-Older Happier Me
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