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Dear Young Me,
 Don't do it. And stop crying, things will be fine.
-It's okay
Dear Everyone,
 Be happy in the present.
-Does it matter who wrote this?
Dear Young Me,
 Don't trust your mother-in-law. She hates you.
-Older Me.
Dear me,
 Don't cheat on your final exam, you get caught.
-Me after I repeaded my final year
Dear Young Me,
 It's ok that you get your heart is broken. It will heal quickly. Don't ever stop loving and letting people in. Your transparency with the people who surround you isn't your biggest weakness, it's your greatest strength. It will all pay off in the end.
-Older you
Dear Young Me,
 Do not give more than you can stand to lose to that idiot. Losing your virginity at the same age you had your first kiss will not be a pleasant memory. Trust me.
-I Know.
Dear Young Me,
 Quit wasting your time hoping you'll find someone to care about you. Women aren't worth the heartache, and there's more to life than love.
-Finally at peace me
Dear Young Me,
 Stay in school ! Smoke weed every day. Don't get married. AND STAY OUT OF ALABAMA! those rednecks really dont like yankees.
-Your Future
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