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Dear Young Me,
 Do as you are doing, dare to resist and always do what you think is right. Know this, one day you are going to be very happy, and it puts all those dark years to shame, keep looking forward and never lose hope.
-Signed, Future you.
Dear Young Me,
 There's a boy that really really loves you. But you're not meant to be with him. Wait. You'll mistakes, and really hurt from them, but you'll be okay in the end. Time will heal it. You'll be fixed and okay again. Just relax, and take it all day by day. And don't stop working out!
-Still healing but fit as a fiddle
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying so hard to win their approval. In the end, they won't mean anything to you. Hold on to the people who truly care about you and be true to yourself.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Hey, remember how you dated your best friend's cousin? Don't, it will not end well for you, you will hate her for doing what she did to you, you will regret it. Also, you're wasting our time, there's someone better for you, and they've been right in front of your face the whole time.
-The better off now you.
Dear Young Me,
 This reason you dumped him is because he was a boring, unintelligent, soul-sucking rain cloud with almost no self esteem. It'll take you three years of guilt to realize that it wasn't because you're a bad person, but because you needed to save your dreams for someone worth them.
-In an awesome 3 yr relationship
Dear Young Me, ,
 There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please know this now instead of hurting yourself. You ARE beautiful, no matter what you think. You ARE smart, no matter what you think. You ARE loved, no matter what you think. You ARE worth it, so keep hanging on girl. You'll be happy again, I promise.
- Beautiful, Smart, and Loved
Dear Young Me,
 You've got 18 years left. Go.
-Emptier than I Thought
Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for the experience, it has made me what I am today
-Miss Wise
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