Dear Young Me,
 " relax, take it easy". There'll be time for everything. Go slowly.
-that one who konws your fears
Dear Young Me,
 At some point, you are going to think that you want a motorcycle. Buy a convertible instead.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about the choices you haven't made. You don't know jack. Accept it.
Dear Young Me,
 slow down. life isn't a race! you'll get where you're supposed to be. enjoy where you are for now.
-a more patient me
Dear younger and happier me - ,
 He is going to change when he leaves and it will take you three years to realize that you fell in love with a lie. Love yourself enough to say "no" and stay single for a while longer.
- Slightly older and more alone me
Dear Young Me,
 Take the time to teach your children how to do things, instead of just doing them yourself.
-They will be better adults.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't pull away from your family when they are ill. I know that you are scared of losing them, but be there for them.
-Don't have regrets
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to George Carlin.
-Wiser Me
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