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Dear Young Me,
 You just graduated college. You are going to Kansas City, MO to teach children in underprivileged areas. You are a poised young lady and will accomplish dreams bigger than you could have ever imagined now. You believed in yourself. Everyone is proud of us. And we are humbled. And we are grateful.
Dear Young Me,
 They won't tell you until the damage is done, but that guy- he's a douchebag. No worries though, he gives the best thing to ever happen to you.
-A happy mommy
Dear Young Me,
 You should've known you're time had an expiration, make it count. Live high school, cause you won't see college.
-A sicker, older you
Dear Young Me,
 You shouldn't have gotten mad and dumped your bi gf for making out with another girl.
-Sincerely, Coulda had a 3way.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to your parents too often just yet. Mum will get over it, but the old man is never going to grow up. You're not lazy, just uninspired. Believe it or not, some day you're going to be more important than any of the rich kids.
-Union Teacher
Dear Young Me,
 When really awful things happen, don't play the "What If" game.
-There's nothing that you have done
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to everyone when they say wait to have sex, its not JUST because they don't want you to get pregnant its because they know you'd rather lose it to the love of your life. Not that hot guy in your PE class.
-Wish I lost it to my husband
Dear Young Me,
 Don't friend zone him so hard. 5 years from now, you'll change your mind. Sadly, so will he.
-I'm so stupid
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