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Dear Young Me,
 Hang in there. Even if she's your mom, don't feel obligated to endure all the crap. You've put up with so much. One day you won't have to anymore. It will be so liberating. Wonderful people will fill that void. I promise.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop wishing your youth away.
-Sincerely wish I were still young
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let him abuse you...ever
-Better off alive
Dear Young Me,
 Your recklessness will inevitably catch up to you - but don't be ashamed. Because even though you've made mistakes, you've taken the opportunity to live your life completely and thoroughly. And you know what? Time marches on. You learn. You grow. You find out who and what in your life is important.
-You're still here - Own it
Dear Young Me,
 Stop smoking weed. You'll be much more successful and together when you do! You're smart so put down the bag of Doritos and turn off Family Guy and go to class!! It's not too late!
-A thinner, more energetic you
Dear Young Me,
 You are the way you are, you can't be anyone else, so use what you got, and wear yourself proudly.
-Older you
Dear Little Me,
 Speak up. Life will be less messed up now if you find your voice and use it.
-Still mute & struggling
Dear Young Me,
 You're not gay. Stop worrying about it.
-Older Me.
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