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Dear Young Me,
 Don't forgive him. You'll only end up in love with someone who picked something else over you, again.
-A Year Older Me
Dear Younger Self,
 You're not THAT young anymore; stop harboring so much self doubt and learn to follow your intuition. He really is a jerk and his exes are equally unimpressive. Don't be seduced by their charm, money, or reputations. You have the essentials and lead a richer life than any of them.
-Sincerely, A Stronger You
Dear Young Me,
 try to make contact with your brother more, write more, call more, even if you have millions of numbers for him and cant get in touch and if you do tell him you love him everytime make sure he know that your there no matter what !! Cause he will be gone sooner than you think!
-your 22 yr old self
Dear Child Me,
 Always have an optimistic and dreamer attitude everyday, but don't forget to add a little bit of reality in there. You'll be amazed at how much happier you'll be and how much less the cynics and pessimists will bother you.
-Love Teenage Optimist Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Just because your dad didn't love you properly doesn't mean you need to make every other boy in your life love you. You will ruin yourself.
-Don't Drink So Much.
Dear Kid,
 Take your meds. Don't drink liquor. Stop being an idiot with a bunch of idiots, and let yourself love your girlfriend the way you know you do.
- A Wiser, Healthier, Lonlier Man
Dear Young Me,
 Don't feel regrets and become the older you who writes about regrets.
Dear Young Me,
 It sucks it had to be this way, but that near death experience you caused yourself was the best thing that ever happened to you.
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