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Dear Young Me,
 Dump the experienced chef, and marry the virgin nerd. Happily ever after soon to follow.
-Older me
Dear Me that still has her,
 tell her to go to the doctor. she's hurting and won't let anyone know. you'll miss her every day once she's gone.
-me without her
Dear Young Me,
 Cut your hair. You look way better that way and you'll probably get laid more often.
Dear Young Me,
 Spend more time with mom, you'll regret not doing so very soon.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Learn to love you for you. Learn to love your plain brown hair, crooked smile, and thoughtful eyes. Because guess what...he loves all those things and would hate to pass you by because you changed who you were meant to be.
-Older Me
Dear young straight me,
 When you feel like kissing her, do it...When she's got a new girlfriend and says she gave you every chance, you'll regret it.
-The Lesbian You.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't ever settle for someone. I know you've never had you first kiss, never been on your first date, and never had someone to call your own, but stay strong. I promise you will find him someday.
-He's better than you can imagine.
Dear Young me,
 STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK. You enjoy things more when you're just yourself.
-Still trying to live by this
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