Dear Young Me,
 A cups aren't that bad
-They're still perky
Dear Young Me,
 It sucks it had to be this way, but that near death experience you caused yourself was the best thing that ever happened to you.
Dear 17-year-old me,
 Don't give up on journalism to get pregnant like your friend and validate yourself to people. Having a baby is no fairy tale, you're going to miss out on something you really love, and those people don't deserve to be in your life. Period.
-A 22-year-old college grad.
Dear 11-year old Me,
 Don't worry so much about what they think...You'll realize fully one day that what they think honestly does not matter.
-Signed, 20-year old Me
Dear young me,
 You got there, even though you felt you'd never be found again.
-older you x
Dear Young Me,
 You're happier single than in a relationship with someone you don't love. Don't be afraid to leave him.
-Single and Loving It
Dear Young Me,
 Don't date your best friend. He may be sweet, funny, and really great now but after 6 months of going back and forth with you he's only going to leave you and your heart broken.
-Sincerely, 7 months older and wise
Dear Young Me,
  Please stop eating all that junk food
-Old, fat me
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