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Dear Young Me,
 Don't always follow rules, don't always do what your parents tell you to do (they are as clueless as yourself). If deep in your heart you feel that that's what you want to do, even if it means breaking rules or misbehaving, DO IT! you only get to be young once, make the best of it.
-Regretful older you
Dear Young Me,
 he's not worth it. i promise you. don't feel stupid because you did nothing wrong. just move on and focus on the one right in front of you who has been there all along.
-a heartbroken you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't focus so much on your looks, they'll get better. Stay true to who you are.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 You know that drawer in Mom's night stand you're supposed to stay out of? Seriously, kid... Stay the fuck out of that drawer!
-Quite serious
Dear Young Me,
 Stop letting everyone walk all over you. Soon you'll see that it's impossible to make everyone like you. I can't wait until you learn how to stand up to them.
-Newfound bitch.
Dear Young Me,
 When your friends and family tell you that one day u will meet the ONE,your soulmate and there is someone on this earth only for u - dont believe it . It may not happen to you - but you know what u CAN and WILL still be happy
- older and still single at 40 me
Dear Young Me,
 All those tears were worth it. Don't worry.
-Finally Happy
Dear Young Me,
 Singing "That Darn Cat" is only amusing the first 47 times. After that no one can or will protect you from the duct tape your brother finds.
-Smartened Up
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