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Dear Young Me,
 Stop stressing about boys. You will get the most important kiss of your whole life right.
-Still kissing him 20 years later
Dear Young Me,
 Open your eyes! Sure the relationship wasn't perfect (and neither was he), but he fought like hell to keep it going, and all you do was run away because of your stupid fear. If you had opened up more and not constantly pushed him away, he might still be here.
-Wishing I could go back
Dear Young Me,
 Stop playing video games and do your darn homework!
-Still playing video games.
Dear High School Me,
 Kiss her. When you see her on Facebook you will always wonder what you may have missed. She wasn't the one, but she was almost the first.
-Happily Married
Dear Young Me,
 Stay away from the redhead. If you can't stay away, tread carefully. And when he hurts you, retain your dignity. Everything will be okay. There's someone very special waiting in line for you who will make you happier than he ever could. Trust me.
-~your future self
Dear young dude,
 She's a dude, dude.
-Older dude
Dear young Mif,
 Trust me, you will love him always and so it said on your 2 tattoos and your kid`s name. That`s how much he still means to you. And yes, you should have kissed on that bench in the park on the third of April.
-With love, Georgiana
Dear Middle School Me,
 Your best friend will come find you. Don't waste time wondering why people don't like you. The ones who do are out there.
-Signed, It Gets Better
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