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Dear Young Me,
 You think you love him, but he'll leave you because he wants to be single. You'll try to hook up with guys to spite him, but your best friend has loved you for months. He's the right one.
-finally kissed him yesterday :)
Dear Young Naive me, ,
 STOP trusting guys....Stop getting so attached...they are all the same. They will be there one day and gone the next.
-Wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 NEVER leave your drink anywhere or with anyone, even if you trust them. It's not worth the pain, heartache and fall out that will follow
-The wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 I know that highschool is HELL and that kids are extremely mean and hurtful. You feel lost and alone but life gets better. You have an amazing husband and awesome friends. It'll all be worth it!
-The person you become
Dear Young Me,
 Don't assume you know for sure what you want or you don't want. Don't be afraid of changing your mind.
-The Future Changes
Dear Young Me,
 hold on. it will get better. oh, and, the dizzy spells? insomnia. knowing that will save you so much time and stress.
-very tired
Dear Young Me,
 when everyone tells you you're not pretty enough dont listen to them. the eating disorder you develop is not worth it. its going to damage your health and ruin relationships. you're prettiest when your happy.
-the older, broken me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let your yourself feel unloved.. Because you are.. and.. He's coming soon :)
-An older.. happier.. me.
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