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Dear Young Me,
 DON'T GET THAT TATTOO! you'll completely regret it in a few years!
-older you with a tramp stamp
Dear Young Me,
 try to make contact with your brother more, write more, call more, even if you have millions of numbers for him and cant get in touch and if you do tell him you love him everytime make sure he know that your there no matter what !! Cause he will be gone sooner than you think!
-your 22 yr old self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be blinded by your feelings for him; trust your instincts and get out--or now, years later, you still won't be over the fact that he cheated.
-The Wiser You
Dear Young Me,
 You know how you lonely and sad you feel? You have no friends at school and feel like you never will. Please don't cry. Soon you will mature, toughen up a bit, and have an amazing group of friends who love you!
-Somewhat more experienced me
Dear Young Me,
 The day your dad left you was not the end of the world. You grow up, get married and have three beautiful girls. In your 30s you find out your dyslexic, get help now. And, when your sister asks to borrow your car say no. You'll never see it again.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Why do you love him? He's thirty. You're sixteen. The fact that he's even interested is creepy. He hits you. He raped you. Just leave. Please. And break that nose he's so proud of on your way out.
-Wish I could go back.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't trust him.
-Love, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 That time you spent crying over him he spent getting over you, don't worry he isn't worth it. He will only forever disappoint and hurt you. Focus on spending time with dad instead, you don't know it yet but he's sick.
-The wiser you
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