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Dear Young Me,
 he will ask you to dance. Don't over think it and pleeease control your nervous rambling! Just shut up, smile and look him in the eyes. He could have been your first kiss...
-and, trust me, you want him to be
Dear Young Me,
 Please take care of your back.
-Older and wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about those girls that bullied you in junior high and high school. They get knocked up, don't get married, don't go to college, and have terrible jobs. And you are going to marry a wonderful man as a college graduate and have a job you love. They are the losers. Not you.
-Revenge is sweet.
Dear Young Me,
 Remember that your friends are worth more than the boys that you go chasing after, yes they are fun to hang out with but your friends are worth more. Find the balance and keep it there
-Slightly older me
Dear high school me, ,
 The kids that make fun of you behind your back because you're a little chunky are all jealous now because you're HOT! Sadly he will break your heart, but only let him do it once and only cry once about it. Give him time to grow up and you'll see what a great man he grows up to become. Keep dancing!
-love the happy college grad : )
Dear Young Me,
 With everything you're going to go through... Every cut, tear, wound, piece of abuse.. In the end, somehow it'll be okay. I'm not there yet myself, but what you're going through RIGHT NOW will make you the person you need to be to get where you're going in life. I promise.
-The One Who Got Away
Dear Young Me,
 You're not the crazy one. Trust your instincts and know when something's not right.
-No longer treated badly
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