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Dear Young Me,
 IT GETS BETTER. So much better.
-Older Me.
Dear Younger Me, ,
 Aug 2010 is going to be a hard time for you.You'll lose an amazing friend due to tragedy. You'll develop depression&anxiety, fail classes & almost get kicked out of college. Stay strong. I know you'll miss him. I still do . Just remember his :) like sunshine &love. You will make it through.
-Love & Bear hugs, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 When she chooses to have children with another man, move on. It will hurt like hell. When she discovers that she made a mistake, you have to have moved on. You will hate yourself if you let her back into your heart. Choose someone who has never passed you over.
-It really is her loss.
Dear Young Me,
 Start a daily journal TODAY! Trust me, you'll be glad you did when you see how much faster you're growing because of it. No one has to see it but you, so write whatever you want. And don't worry if you miss some things. In ten years, the little day-to-day details won't matter.
-A Saner, More Self-Aware Me
Dear Young Me,
 You chose the right one. He loves and you love him. It doesn't matter what your family does to you. You'll have him. So put down the match and remember you can be loved. You're beautiful.
-2 1/2 years later smiling everyday
Dear Young Me,
 Wait. Don't just lose it to get it over with. He's not the one and he's not worth it. He'll just use you. This isn't something you want to regret for the rest of your life.
-Someone who regrets it
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid, he can't hurt you, TELL SOMEONE. If you wait too long, no one will believe you, not even mommy.
-Older, wiser, sadder.
Dear Young Me,
 Turns out, he really is worth it after all, I promise. Oh, and go with the state school. You're not ready to be that far out on your own.
-Loving the 2nd Time Around
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