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Dear Young Me,
 Enjoy getting lost. Once you stop worrying and start exploring, you have a lot of fun.
-Lost and happy
Dear Young Me,
 Not graduating college on time wasn't a horrible mistake. That last 6 months with your friends were some of the best times.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying to be perfect and hide your flaws. You will find someone who thinks you are perfect just the way you are. Flaws and all. I promise.
-Love, Skie
Dear Young Me,
 Hang in there. Even if she's your mom, don't feel obligated to endure all the crap. You've put up with so much. One day you won't have to anymore. It will be so liberating. Wonderful people will fill that void. I promise.
Dear Young Me,
 Try harder to help him with his addiction. Intervention. Call the cops. Whatever you have to do. Eventually you lose him forever...
-grieving Me
Dear Me,
 Stop eating boogers.
-Booger addict
Dear Young Me,
 Never fall for your best friend.
-Haven't talked to this day.
Dear Young Me,
 Tell them you love them. You'll wish you had said it more, later.
-Older me.
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