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Dear Young Me,
 I know it seems like every guy you like is amazing and the best you'll ever have. And I know that when that all shatters, it feels like the end of the world. But believe me, you'll find "the one" the last way you thought you would. You'll then be happy for what got you there.
-Sincerly, Yourself
Dear Young Me,
 Start Taking Dance Classes...NOW!
-An Older Discouraged Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't grow up to fast. Once your child hood has simply vanished you'll wish for your innocence back. So, hold your mom's hand, hug your dad in front of your friends, play with your Barbie's, and your baby dolls. Be a kid and enjoy it while you still have it.
-Trust me; your future self.
Dear Young Me,
 Give love to people u love! nobody keep tracks of the times u said "I love u", there is nothing wrong with being emotional, cry whenever u feel like it. one more thing remember that although right now u think u r different there will be a day that u realize that we are all the same shit.
-Your older self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give up on love. Mom and Dad may fight, but not every relationship is like theirs. You'll find someone to love you soon. Never give up on love.
-Didn't give up
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying to picture them in the future. Live life as it comes. There is time. Slow down. The one that slows you down is the one who is worth it.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Enjoy those years in high school. Don't let them fall short. Don't think, just do.
-Thinking back
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