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Dear Young Me,
 Getting your life started will take some time, maybe more than for other people. So arm yourself with patience and if you are in the dark stay away from death shadows.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Everything really does happen for a reason, even though to this day you still might not know what that reason was.
-Content Me
Dear Young Me,
 You have secret. Keep that secret from everyone, even your closest friends. It's only going to hurt you if you tell anyone. You truly are alone. But don't worry, it's better that way.
-No Longer Naive
Dear Young Me,
 Stop checking his facebook everyday to see if they're still together. Forget about him, he was never as good as you thought he was.
-Hopefully happier in the future
Dear younger me,
 You were right to save your first kiss. It was a lot more special because it was with him.
-From, older me
Dear Me Three Years Ago,
 Make more of an effort to see her when you visit your parents, take lots of pictures, and make a million new memories. She's our best friend and now she has cancer.
-Terrified Me
Dear Young Me,
 You should've completed your studies. That feeling that anything was possible, was (and is) unrealistic.
-Older Me.
Dear young dude,
 She's a dude, dude.
-Older dude
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