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Dear Young Me,
 Don't marry the first girl that says she loves you. Don't settle. The fireworks you've heard about, soulmates, all of that exists. You'll find out too late, you'll wish you had waited for her when you meet her later and can't have her, because you didn't believe she exists.
Dear Young Me,
 Never let anything bring you down. People love you not only because you're beautiful and charismatic, but because you're strong.
Dear Young Me,
 Drink milk! A lot of it!
Dear Afraid,
 Be happy. Your mom is crazy, dad's an enabler, your brother is a murdering psychopath in the making, and you dated a liar. So? Stop dwelling on it and enjoy the wonderful person you became because of it. You will have a sailor, with a loving family that adores you. Make your own family out of it.
-Just Breathe....
Dear high school me, ,
 The kids that make fun of you behind your back because you're a little chunky are all jealous now because you're HOT! Sadly he will break your heart, but only let him do it once and only cry once about it. Give him time to grow up and you'll see what a great man he grows up to become. Keep dancing!
-love the happy college grad : )
Dear young nerdy me,
 Being a nerd is good. Always be a nerd. It will actually help you to get girls. Or "that one girl." (Sophomore year). Just be a nerd. and dont mess things up
-Your older Nerdy self.
Dear Young Me,
 All those years of never having boys pay attention to you don't matter because there is an amazing handsome guy that is all yours. He chose you, and he thought he didn't have a chance with you.
-Me now
Dear young me, ,
 never do that first line, it'll ruin your life within weeks.
-drug addict
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