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Dear 16 year old me,
 Don't. He's even worse than the "asshole act" that he claims to put on. He will tear you apart for two years, and it will take you more than two years (I don't even know how long yet) after that to recover. Go for the annoying lame guy. Trust me. He'll at least be easy to forget.
-Version of you that shouldnt exist
Dear Young Me,
 He's nothing like you dreamed of. He's so much more.
-Mrs. You
Dear Young Me,
 You just graduated college. You are going to Kansas City, MO to teach children in underprivileged areas. You are a poised young lady and will accomplish dreams bigger than you could have ever imagined now. You believed in yourself. Everyone is proud of us. And we are humbled. And we are grateful.
Dear Young Me,
 there will be protesters. With signs. And pamphlets. And bullhorns. Ignore them and hold your head up. It'll get worse before it gets better, but it WILL get better eventually.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 You rock!
-Older me
Dear Younger Me,
 Don't cry so much. Mothers shouldn't treat their children that way. It isn't your fault. Stay strong, it gets better. I promise. I'll see you in a few years.
-Love, The Girl Who Wouldn't Quit
Dear Young Me,
 I still have no idea what I want so don't worry.
-Still confused, just older
Dear Young Me,
 Life is full of great endeavors, always remember the truth is a powerful thing and being able to tell it shows what a virtuous person you are. Don't always listen to people too literally, learn that you must make your own choices to better prepare you. Also if you hit a car, please tell someone!
-Older Me
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