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Dear little girl,
 Its not your fault he left. And no, the faeries didnt take him. I know it makes you feel better to beileve that, but it'll hurt more in the future because you do. Just smile when you need to smile, and cry when you need to cry. Dont hold it in. Your loved little girl. Dont forget that.
-Older and stronger
Dear Young Me,
 dont fall in love with him. he doesnt mean it, even if you do.
-time heals it all
Dear Young Me,
 It's great at first, but he will betray you. Please don't hold on for that long leave at the first mistake. It will only get worse. Your friends are not always there for you.
-Your stronger more cautions self.
Dear Young Me,
 you were distraught and worried, and you thought it was the end of the world. But don't worry, everything works out amazing for the two of you.
-In love.
Dear Young Me,
 You don't even like him, and you'll be in an emotionally abusive relationship for 18 months. Even though he's at Harvard, he's not worth it.
-Older Me.
Dear 16 year old me,
 Don't. He's even worse than the "asshole act" that he claims to put on. He will tear you apart for two years, and it will take you more than two years (I don't even know how long yet) after that to recover. Go for the annoying lame guy. Trust me. He'll at least be easy to forget.
-Version of you that shouldnt exist
Dear Young Me,
 Do what makes you happy. Disregard if your parents think you choose one over the other, theres nothing you can do to change that. make yourself ok first :)
-Happy and Independent You
Dear Young Me,
 Nobody wants to hear you complain. We all have problems. With time, you will overcome and move on.
-Wiser You
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