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Dear Young Me,
 Don't blame yourself for his death. As much as it hurts and kills you everyday to think about it, there was nothing you could do about it and all you can do is miss him...forever.
-a destroyed older brother
Dear Young Me,
 Your mom and dad love you more than anyone else in this world ever could, even when you think they don't. Don't judge them or criticize them, because it hasn't been easy for them, but they do their very best and have made a lot of sacrifices so you can have everything they never had.
-Signed, A daughter with open eyes
Dear Young Me,
 I'm sorry you waited so long to have sex; it really is as amazing as you hope it would be.
-From: a much more satisfied you
Dear Young Me,
 You're thin enough. You don't need to be 99 pounds. Just because you brother is on a diet doesn't mean you need to be. Stop obsessing and then feeling bad about eating learn to enjoy food again cause you'll never be fat.
-From me every fall
Dear Young Me,
 Don't cry. He is gonna be with you sooner than you think. And when you do find him, love him no matter what.
-only a few years away
Dear Young Me,
 That hot guy you've been crushing on for the past year? Get over him. When he leaves you, it'll be with a black eye and a broken heart. The nice guy in your Chem class, though? He's been in love with you for all of high school, and he'll pick up the pieces.
-Healed, happy, and in love.
Dear Young Me,
 Kisses are momentary, Talking is remembered. Talk more, kiss later. You made him run away.
-Your getting stronger.
Dear Young Me,
 Stay friends with the crazy girl with the monkey picture.
-Completely worth it.
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