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Dear Young Me,
 Take better care of yourself...your health, your body, your image. Do it for you and only you. Everybody else doesn't really care.
-feeling unhealthy
Dear Young Me, ,
 She still loves you.. Don't give up hope.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Fight off your demons.
-Older Me
Dear Yesterday's Me,
 She said yes.
-Love, Newly Engaged Me
Dear Young Me,
 A cups aren't that bad
-They're still perky
Dear emotional younger me, ,
 You should've known he was a liar, but its okay. He doesn't deserve someone as cool as you. Don't worry, guys grow up as you leave high school.
-XO, Smarter me.
Dear Young Me,
 The broken ribs he leaves you with are nothing compared to emotional damage. You will have a scar on your soul. Don't stay, he'll never change.
-Damaged Goods
Dear younger me,
 When all of your friends make fun of you for wanting to stay single, don't hide your hurt feelings from them. And definitely don't date your two closest guy friends in an attempt to fit in. Those guys deserved better than that, and, quite frankly, so do you.
-The older you
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