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Dear Young Me,
 Ignore the charming guy and focus on the wonderful one in your life already, you'll regret the other choice.
-a jaded older you
Dear Young Me,
 Be patient with all that heart break crap you are going through. A guy you don't see coming will sweep you off your feet, love you more than life, and it will all be worthwhile when you kneel at an altar and marry him for the rest of forever.
-A Contented Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Remember New Year's when you were sixteen? You should have said yes. I know you were afraid, but you should have taken the chance. He was a good person.
-Older but still afraid of love me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop thinking you'll never get through it. You do and in the end you're even happier than you were before.
-Older Me
Dear naive me,
 Friends don't treat her the way she treats you. She's not worth your time and effort. Dump him, ditch her, find your real friends, and focus on helping yourself, not others.
-Your older, better off Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't ask your boyfriend if you can go to someone else's prom. It's mean and thoughtless, and it will make you look like a huge bitch. I don't care how cute that other guy is.
-Signed, Don't be a huge bitch
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go to the dining hall on 10/5/07. Appreciate yourself more. Save more money. Call home more often. Walk away walk away walk away from a destructive relationship, that only gets worse. Finish what you write. Let go.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let Nikita go to the basketball court. She doesn't deserve that end and you'll never forget her face when she dies in your arms. The blood washes off but sadness doesn't.
-Older me.
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