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Dear Young Me,
 He'll take everything you know about love, and break your heart. It'll hurt, and you'll be scared out of your mind... But there's a handsome man just waiting to make you his princess. Babygirl, believe in love at first sight.
Dear Young Me,
 He'll break your heart, but only because you're dumb enough to let him go. Don't. You'll regret it. You love him, so stay with him, but have your guard up.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop blaming yourself. You couldn' t have saved him, not arriving 5 minutes or a week sooner would've changed his mind to live. Love him and carry his memory.
-picking up the pieces
Dear Young Me,
 Congratulations! You got out of that god-awful state. You're not where you want to be yet... but you're on your way! Keep going.
-Older Me
Dear Younger Self,
 You're not THAT young anymore; stop harboring so much self doubt and learn to follow your intuition. He really is a jerk and his exes are equally unimpressive. Don't be seduced by their charm, money, or reputations. You have the essentials and lead a richer life than any of them.
-Sincerely, A Stronger You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry so much about how you look or how you wish your body would look, take the time to learn to love yourself, it's worth it.
-you're beautiful
Dear Young Me,
 Give a guy a chance. Go after him. Don't be afraid to ask the guy you want out. Take the first step. Accept the first date. Have fun. Smile.
-Regretful But Still Younger You
Dear Young Me,
 It's ok to cry, what you're going through sucks. Mom is the smartest person in the world and she loves you. Listen to her. Try out for All State senior year, you'll regret not doing it. Embrace who you are because there are some people who think you're pretty wonderful.
-A happier, more outgoing you.
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