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Dear Young Me,
 What does gender matter? You've been taught that because it's what your parents and grandparents were taught. Times are changing and your parents will love you no matter who you fall in love with. Don't let love slip through your fingers.
-In Love With A Girl
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let anyone tell you what you should study. You'll be unhappy otherwise, wondering what you could have achieved.
-Your older self, the engineer
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fake who you are, just because you are heartbroken. The guy that can be the love of your life won't love you because of that fake version of you.
-The real older you
Dear Young Me,
 One month and two days is NOT long enough to be in a relationship before having sex, especially when he's going to dump you four days later. The next three months of rebuilding your life are going to suck
-But you and I made it through
Dear the dreamer in me,
 You're never going to be Blair Waldorf, and he's not going to be Chuck Bass. But the sex scene on the piano, it was just as good as you thought it would be. Stop dreaming of pretty clothes and dangerous boys and focus on what you already have. Because damn is it good.
-Making your dreams come true
Dear Young Me,
 Go live your life instead of planning it! You'll be amazed how fast time comes and goes.
-Signed, Older You
 Remember all those times you felt like you were worthless because of the way kids your age treated you, and all those times people told you they were just jealous and you didn't believe them? Turns out they were right, honey. You're fucking amazing, and everyone who says otherwise is the real loser.
-Beautiful and Confident
Dear Freshman Me,
 Don't fall into her trap, all she will do is abuse you and run around behind your back. But in senior year, you'll find the an equally broken boy whose pieces fit perfectly with yours. He understands everything, so tell him. Even if you don't say it all until your wedding night, he'll understand.
-College Student You
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