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Dear Current Me,
 You've thought about them everyday for three years and they haven't done the same. You. Deserve. Better.
-Love, Your common sense
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fall too hard or too quick at such a young age. Make sure you can trust a guy before giving your everything to him. Also, when it's over.. Don't dwell, you can do better.
-A little older you
Dear Young Me,
 Reach out, be confident, meet people.
-Older me with no friends.
Dear Younger Me,
 Don't let him get away when he tells loves you. You'll regret it more than anything when a year later he becomes your best friend and you realize you love him too late. By then he'll have moved on. He's the most amazing guy you will ever meet, and you'll never stop thinking about what could've been.
-an older you and your regrets
Dear very slightly younger me,
 Please start loving yourself. You are worth immeasurable amounts more than you think. You don't need attention and words of affirmation to feel like you have value. Don't be stupid.
-Love, slightly older you
Dear Young Me,
 You are 15 years old, you arent going to marry him. Wait for someone to come along and show you what love really is! Enjoy being young while it lasts.
- Bad Boy Mistakes
Dear Young Me,
 Don't play truth or dare at you're 11th birthday!
-10 years of denial
Dear Young Me,
 Don't get in that relationship! He will string you on for a year, and when he finally does leave her, he will cheat on you. You will get lied to, cheated on, and raped. But remember, everything happens for a reason. And its up to you to figure out that reason
-stronger, happier me
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