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Dear Young Me,
 Don't be so weird. You're supposed to have friends in elementary school.
-Socially skilled older me
Dear Young Me,
 They diagnose her as an autistic schizophrenic in Middle School. So yes, sissy's a psychopath, but no, it's not your fault. Head up, and don't let her demons get to you.
-Love, I did everything I could
Dear Young Me,
 Break-ups happen for a reason. Even if he's trying to come back to you, you already know something has changed. Believe in yourself.
Dear Young Me,
 Be yourself because if you spend too long pretending to be something your not you'll forget how to be anything else.
-From Old Me
Dear young shy me,
 Break out of your shell and go for him. Ask him to dance. Everything will turn out perfectly.
-Love, blissfully happy me
Dear Young Me,
 Please believe in yourself, don't be so scared of life and the unknown, you will be fine because you are stronger than you think, and know it's ok to fail.
-38yr old me
Dear Young Me,
 Remember that no matter what you do or what happens to you you always have the ability to make the choice to change your life and yourself. Its never to late.
-A much wiser and happier you.
Dear Young Me,
 Remember to love those around you everyday: family, friends, and pets: the moments we share on this earth are far too short.
-Namaste, Me
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