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Dear Young Me,
 Don't try so hard. He will noice you.. and soon become your best friend.
-Older Me.
Dear Talented Me,
 Don't move from your hometown. Don't quit ballet. It will be the one thing you regret most in your life.
-Signed, wish things were different
Dear Young Me,
 go down to the free clinic... they can clear that up with a cream.... not the case if you just let linger...
-old me
Dear Recovering Me,
 Just because it feels like the world is giving you all the reasons to relapse...DON'T. Getting to where you are now was more hell then you feel now.
-Keep strong
Dear Young Me,
 You made the right choice. Remember, everything happens for a reason. The result of your courage brought to you the man of your dreams. Never let anyone tell you what you feel or who you are again. You will discover this on your own. Follow your instincts and never give up hope. Thank you.
-Love, Older, happy, you.
Dear Young Me,
 It'll be the most awkward kiss of your life, but it she turns out to be the best girlfriend ever :)
-Better kisses, better love
Dear Young Me,
 Everything you go through will make you stronger and wiser. The lessons are hard and sometimes painful, but what you become afterwards is worth it. Don't regret anything.
-A Stronger and much Happier Me
Dear Young Me,
 having a drivers license does not make you any more invinceable than you were last week. always look twice!
-older u with 4 kids in the back
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