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Dear young dude,
 She's a dude, dude.
-Older dude
Dear Younger Me,
 Not all guys are looking for easy girls, I know its hard but wait and the right one will come along.
-In Love and Mature You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go back into a relationship that didn't work out before. He'll cheat again... and guess what, it hurts twice as bad. So stop right now while you are still ahead of the game.
-Still trying to find my way out
Dear Young Me,
 Always love everyone with all you have.. One day the ones you love may leave the world and they will never know your true feelings. P.S. You're a beautiful person and don't settle for anything less than everything.
-Open eyes
Dear young me,
 once you quit a sport and eat the same, you WILL gain weight.
-sincerely, i need to go on a diet
Dear Young Me,
 Please spend more time with Mom. She won't be around forever. Let her know how much you love her before she's gone.
-Missing you, Mom
Dear slightly younger me,
 When he says heís telling the truth, give him a chance. Donít let him be the one to get away.
-Still heartbroken.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop picking fights with Mom. She loves you. That's why she is so hard on you. She wants the best for you, and trust me, she is always right. Hug her and tell her you love her.
-Missing Her Every Day
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