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Dear scared me,
 Tell him you love him. Never knowing how he feels hurts almost as much as seeing him with someone else.
-Still Alone
Dear Young Me,
 Don't make a decision based on what he wants, the emotional pain is going to out weigh the physical pain ten fold.
-your stolen motherhood
Dear young me,
 Don't try to grow up so fast. It'll happen in due time.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for not marrying the guy I met when I was 17. At that age you don't know what you want.
-With a better man
Dear Young Me,
 We were so thin and beautiful at 17. Break up with that guy you just met and live out your youth (trust me that 3-year relationship is not worth it!). You meet an amazing person later.
-15lbs heavier and looking back.
Dear Young Me,
 There are many who didn't pay attention to their lessons and they're looking back and realizing they're idiots. Thank you Ms. Schuster.
-Every Day Me
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, being "tough" and keeping everyone out will keep you from having your heartbroken, but you'll never truly be satisfied.
-Older and finally Happy me
Dear younger me,
 Your relationship with the asshole your dating? It only gets worse. Dump him. Believe me, you CAN and WILL do better :)
-Your smarter, older self.
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