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Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for choosing to live.
-Sincerely, Loving Every Second.
Dear Young Me,
 Go to your fucking classes. Idiot.
-I still don't know math
Dear Young Me,
 Respect yourself. Also don't leave a space in your heart for someone who hasn't earned their way into it.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Get out of the relationship. It is clearly abusive. I know you don't believe it but you're worth so much more. One day, you will meet a wonderful guy who reads the same books as you, makes you laugh, and loves you as you are. And you'll get engaged. See? There really are happy endings.
-Someone who knows
Dear Young Me,
 Spend time with your parents and be good to them. You really will miss them when they're gone.
-Older Me.
Dear young me,
 Saying "I love you" is not a sign of weakness. Say it proud, say it often.
-Happy to have learned in time
Dear Young Me,
 What they say about steroids are true.
-My penis is the size of a nickel
Dear Younger Me,
 Being raped will not break you. It will get better.
-Stronger Me
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