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Dear Young Me,
 Get help before it becomes a major problem.
-The old me who is now seeking help
Dear Young Me,
 You really do live happily ever after, just like the princess movies you watch. Your dreams come true ten fold. Stay cheerful, and don't stop singing to those animals.
-Once a princess, now a queen.
Dear Young Me,
 Smile. Stop being so grumpy, the world is not against you. Just get over it and have fun, or you will miss out on quite a few years of your life being bored and miserable.
-Cheerful me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't start smoking. And DO NOT drop out of college because you got a good job before you graduated. Now look at you.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 I know he seems perfect and you're wedding will be perfect but don't do it. once you move in with him your self confidence will disappear because you'll never do anything right. wait for someone who really loves you as you are.
-unhappy married me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about finding love. You have many years to find it and even if you don't get into a relationship, don't worry about it and keep moving on.
-Signed, An Optimistic Person
Dear young & naive me,
 You know those sinking feelings you get that he's cheating and lying? Listen to those feelings...they are right. He'll tell you that himself about 6 years later...and you won't care at all because you'll be in the relationship you were searching for all along. :)
-Your older, incredibly happy self
Dear Young Me,
 You find someone who really is The One. And he's perfect. You'll love him. And so will Mum.
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