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Dear young me,
 Action through non-action. Don't try to be a vision of who you think you are. Just be. take yourself out of the equation and realize that there never was or is anything to worry about. There is nothing, and through that, there is everything. It's okay. You will be okay. You always have been.
-Love, (somewhat) enlightened you.
Dear Young Me,
 Forgive your best friend. Don't lose 2 years of friendship...she was just trying to protect you
Dear Young Me,
 Do as you are doing, dare to resist and always do what you think is right. Know this, one day you are going to be very happy, and it puts all those dark years to shame, keep looking forward and never lose hope.
-Signed, Future you.
Dear 16 year old me,
 Stop being lazy and goto school. In 3 years you will give birth to the most beautiful thing in the world, and you will now have to explain to her why you have your GED and no money. But you get by, and you still have a good life.
-Signed, 26 year old me
Dear Young Me,
 dont think you have to degrade yourself and get attention from boys just to feel pretty.
-beautiful all alone
Dear Found,
 Detachment will be the hardest habit you'll have to break, but she'll try to help. Let her.
-Still lost
Dear younger me,
 Remember certain experiences were meant to happen to help shape the person you are today and are striving to be. Work hard, trust me it ll pay off in the end.
-Much more stable me
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