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Dear Young Me,
 don't waste your time hating on people. you won't get anything by hating people except,well, hatred (and a bunch of enemies). love them instead. it's much easier ;-)
-Older Me.
Dear Slightly Younger Me,
 Don't be afraid to look foolish. Tell him you love him because he loves you too.
-Still Young And Stupid
Dear Young Me,
 Forget him and enjoy your summer. When you get back to school everything will be the same, but you'll never get those 2 lonely months back. Believe me.
-Your Older, Still Beautiful Self
Dear Younger me.,
 No one knows who they are as a teenager, so stop trying to be someone else.
-older me
Dear Foolish me,
 You are far more naive than you know. You know far less than you can imagine. Open your heart and your mind and forgive yourself your shortcomings. Find joy in each moment of each day. It will be worth it.
-When the end is near
Dear Young Me,
 see the blood that's slowly oozing out of your wrist? are you happy now to know that in any second now you're gonna open your eyes and see heaven (or hell)? well, it's not gonna happen. so you just better renew your mind and look on the bright side of things.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Read as many different books as you can, and stay out late with your friends as much as possible. If you can balance these, you'll be good.
-Signed, It's never too late.
Dear Novice Me,
 Don't go out when the river current is too fast, even if the coaches tell you to. Its not worth it.
-Love, Still-Alive Me
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