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 Forget trying to gain sympathy, attention or respect. Quit going out of your way to be different. Show what an amazing person you are and strive to thrive; they'll love you for it. And trust me, going to bed with love from true friends is alot better than waking up realising you're all alone.
-Jinx (a.k.a Laura)
Dear high school me,
 Stay away from the bad boys, keep out of trouble, be a real friend, and go to class.
-Me after a lot of mileage
Dear me,
 Stop chasing the bad ones, they keep breaking your heart. Life will lead you to the right one. Be patient.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't lie to your parents, you'll get caught. Don't sneak out, you'll get in trouble. Don't do drugs, you'll end up in rehab and lose your friends. The momentary thrill wasn't worth it in the end.
Dear Young Me,
 Even though you had done it so many times before, the last time you snuck out resulted in the loss of your innocence. It changed everything.
-Me five years later
Dear Young Me,
 Don't runaway from your problems by frequently switching schools throughout middle school and high school. You're not going to make lasting friendships, and it's going to kill you when you come back from college to find no one but your family waiting for you.
-Me today
Dear Lost Boy,
 Take a minute to look at yourself, now look at her... You will never find another her, because you never deserve a gift so great after the mistake you have made. Throwing her away is not going to help you solve anything. It will be the mistake of your lifetime.
-The Broken Hearts Society
Dear Young Me,
 Stop crying and worrying about him and who he's with. He will come around eventually. I bet you never guessed you'd be living with him and that he's in love with you did you? But you knew it was him. So stick in there. It only gets better.
-Happier older me
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