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Dear Young Me,
 The broken ribs he leaves you with are nothing compared to emotional damage. You will have a scar on your soul. Don't stay, he'll never change.
-Damaged Goods
Dear Younger Me,
 It only gets worse. But it makes you stronger and gives you more opportunities. Hang in there.
-Older Me.
Little Man,
 Don't worry about what they say to you, none of them matter!
-You're better now.
Dear Young Me,
 Those girls who you almost got into a fight with, the ones you hated, Marra and Mindy, they will become amazing friends....
-True friends are born of passion.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let anyone tell you what you should study. You'll be unhappy otherwise, wondering what you could have achieved.
-Your older self, the engineer
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fake who you are, just because you are heartbroken. The guy that can be the love of your life won't love you because of that fake version of you.
-The real older you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't accept that drink, it changes you forever.
Dear Young Me,
 You are good enough. I'm still working on believing that, so if we start earlier maybe you can actually achieve it sooner.
-Still you
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