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Dear Young Me,
 dont focus on your bad features. they are not even bad. ignore the shit talkers.
-Older Me.
Dear freshman in college me,
 I know he's gorgeous and the quarterback of the football team, but don't cheat on your boyfriend just because he makes you feel good for 5 minutes. He doesnt love you like your boyfriend does and you'll regret it everyday.
-sophomore in college you.
Dear Young Me,
 When people give you compliments, listen to them, thank them and take every word to heart. They'll appreciate it and you'll benefit from acknowledging how awesome others think you are...
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Remember to take time to enjoy life. Donít waste time dreaming about the future when you live in the present.
-Older You
Dear Young Me,
 You might regret a decision you made now, but without it you wouldn't have learned and I wouldnt be as happy as I am now.
-You'll love the view from here
Dear Young Me,
 Learn that falling in love doesn't mean losing yourself. Remember to hold some of yourself back FOR yourself.
-Still learning.
Dear Young Me,
 If he loves you, you will know. If you doubt it then stop trying to make it so.
-Still stuck here older you
Dear Young Me,
 you are not perfect, you are not the smartest, funniest or prettiest person in the world. that is beyond your control. that is allright. because you can always be the happiest.
-LOVE older and wiser me
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