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Dear Young Me,
 Start Taking Dance Classes...NOW!
-An Older Discouraged Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Forgive Them.
-An Older Wiser You
Dear Young Me,
 Didnt thimk you would make it this far without your mom,she raised you to be stronger then you think.
-Heartbroken over moms death
Dear Confused Me,
 It's okay to build walls, just remember to keep them short enough for him to climb over.
-Too Late Now
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to your parents too often just yet. Mum will get over it, but the old man is never going to grow up. You're not lazy, just uninspired. Believe it or not, some day you're going to be more important than any of the rich kids.
-Union Teacher
Dear Young Me,
 When it comes to that life changing experience, go with what YOU want, not what HE wants. You'll regret it, and never forget it.
-Hurting Future You.
Dear Young Me,
 You're awesome.
-A more confident you
Dear Young Me,
 remember when you danced and jogged and biked to work ? well, you really should havekept those good habits alive. Remember that purple jumpsuit you bought after basic training? What was that a size 12 maybe ? and you thought you were fat..HA ! you had no idea how lovely you were then. so, if this message somehow comes to you sometime in 1980, trust me...HEED THE MESSAGE !!! Do you really want to be single, fat, out of shape and hypertensive at 47 ? Didn't think so. And be much nicer to your will be hell to watch her die.
-Older Me.
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