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Dear Young Me,
 Live your life. Get shitfaced. Have sex. Try drugs. Be a teenager. Don't commit yourself to something you aren't ready for. Go crazy and have fun out there. You know your limit.
-Regretful older you.
Dear Young Me,
 Get out of religious school. Your critical thinking skills will thank you later
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 Chicago is a mistake--don't go.
-Trying to catch up
Dear Young Me,
 What they say about steroids are true.
-My penis is the size of a nickel
Dear Young And Stupid Me,
 Don't believe it when he says "I love you." He doesn't mean it and he won't mean it 6 years from now.
- Older And Still Stupid Me
Dear Young Me,
 Wear a condom dude. Seriously.
-Future you (aka Dad)
Dear Young Me,
 Eventually, you'll find that someone that likes you, all of you. Stop worrying about those that like you for just a single aspect of who you are.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Do whatever the fuck you want.
-Still you
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