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Dear Young Me,
 Appreciate him when he comes along. Don't let yourself be carried away but do cherish all the time and love you have together. It will end but you will always have the memories of your true love.
-Love, Slightly wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give into temptation. You will lose everything good between the one that truly loves you. It's not worth it.
-don't know how to get him back
Dear Young Me,
 People don't care. They truly don't. Does your hair look okay? Doesn't matter. No one's analyzing your hair. You look awful in that picture? Doesn't matter. People clicking through the album won't notice the really weird face you're making. Stop trying so hard to be perfect. Go outside. Live.
-Trust me, it's not important.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't forget to take your pill in the morning, or else you'll be reading this with 20 annoying kids in the background.
-smart you
Dear Young Me,
 Being spontaneous for once did not kill you, it just gave you a kickass weekend.
-your parents never found out
Dear young me,
 Don't take your dad for granted, always tell him how much you love him, and try not to be such a little pain in the ass. He'll leave this earth sooner than you think.
-More Grown up me
Dear 8th Grade Me,
 Just because one boy calls you fat doesn't mean anything. Keep your chin up and don't give in to pressure. It gets better, I promise, and you're beautiful. Get to know yourself. Fall in love with yourself.
-You today, just a few years away
Dear Young Me,
 I'm sorry for fucking things up so badly. You're in for hell. Enjoy.
-Older Me.
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