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Dear Young Me,
 Stay away from the drugs. And the redhead. Trust me.
-~your future self
Dear Young Me,
 Stay away from the redhead. If you can't stay away, tread carefully. And when he hurts you, retain your dignity. Everything will be okay. There's someone very special waiting in line for you who will make you happier than he ever could. Trust me.
-~your future self
Dear Teenage self,
 Stop thinking so critically. Stop judging before you know. Stop making choices that you know will hurt you eventually. You've broken hearts, in trying to make them whole. It's all fine. Just live your life for yourself, and let your light catch on other people; don't make it smother them.
-Signed, Still figuring it out
Dear Little Me,
 Wear your retainer.
-Signed, Bigger Me
Dear Freshman-Year Me,
 Save as much money as you can NOW! The rent for this apartment sucks.
-Signed, Broke As A Joke Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't lie. Don't cut yourself. Don't smoke. Leave him, he's abusive. STUDY. Talk to that old best friend instead. You're finally happy and you'll marry him. Things aren't as bad as you think. It could always get worse.
-Sincerely, You Made It.
Dear Young Me,
 If it seems like he might be cheating, he probably is; save yourself the heartbreak and end it before you give him something you can't take back.
-Older and Wiser
Dear young me,
 When your middle school teachers tell you that they can't let you in the math league because you're too shy and the boys would do better, know that someday you will be a mathematician who gets to travel the world doing what you love. You will prove them all wrong, keep on chugging.
-The girl you dreamt of becoming
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