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Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for choosing to live.
-Sincerely, Loving Every Second.
Dear Young Me,
 Wake up 1 hour earlier on Monday, Jan 6th and go to your parents room. Dad will be awake; just tell him how much you love him and how well he's done his job as a father. Thank him for all the moments he loved you and raised you to be a good and honest person, 30 minutes later it will be too late.
-Your thankful self from the future
Dear Me,
 Stop eating boogers.
-Booger addict
Dear Young Me,
 Eventually, you'll find that someone that likes you, all of you. Stop worrying about those that like you for just a single aspect of who you are.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Get anger management classes. You end up killing your girlfriend, lose your kids, become an amputee, and get terrible burns all over.
-Signed, Darth
Dear Young Me,
 Invent the snuggie.. It's a robe, worn backwards, made out of fleece. It'll be a hit one day.
-Millionaire self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't talk to that chick in the cafeteria that smiles at you. She's crazy.
- Seriously Run Away
Dear Young Me,
 On August 13th 2009 go to him and tell him everything will be okay. Tell him that what he is planning to do tomorrow will not fix things, and will change everyones life forever. Maybe you will be able to stop him and show him how much he really means to everyone before its too late.
-missing my bestfriend everyday
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