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Dear Young Me,
 Be a kid. Worrying about grown up stuff shows up at your door much sooner than your ready for.
-College Graduate (and in debt)
Dear Young Me,
 When your in high school, everything seems like the end of the world. It gets better. Nothing that happened in high school matters now. No one cares what your GPA was or who you went to Senior Prom wtih. You made it. That's all that matters.
-Wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 If you try and save every girl you meet, you'll never be attracted to a sane girl.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 It's going to be okay. Don't beat yourself up or regret life because of the mistakes you've made, because you will learn and move on. I promise.
-Your future self
Dear Young Me,
 Quit. Just quit. You don't love it and you'll regret spending all those years doing something to please your dad. Trust me, it'll be the best thing you do.
-glad to be done
Dear Young Me,
 Invent the snuggie.. It's a robe, worn backwards, made out of fleece. It'll be a hit one day.
-Millionaire self
Dear Young Me,
 It's going to hurt. But don't panic, you are going to be fine.
-A more wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 Stop obsessing over some guy who you think is so perfect. Learn to see what is actually in front of you instead of what you want to see.
-moving on to better things
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