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Dear Young Me,
 Never change yourself to make friends. Those friends always leave you anyway.
-An older you with good friends
Dear Freshman Me,
 Don't fall into her trap, all she will do is abuse you and run around behind your back. But in senior year, you'll find the an equally broken boy whose pieces fit perfectly with yours. He understands everything, so tell him. Even if you don't say it all until your wedding night, he'll understand.
-College Student You
Dear Young Me,
 Sometimes it's hard being a square peg when the world is round, but sometimes it totally rocks. Put down the CHI iron; you have curly hair...own it. And, it's ok to like math. You can still dance even if you're not terribly coordinated; you'll love it more because you worked so hard for it. Be you.
-Me (the Ballet/Calculus Teacher)
Dear Stressed out Young me,
 just be patient there is no hurry. YOU ARE YOUNG
-Love chilled out old me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be scared to admit who you are, the people who care about you don't care about your sexuality.
-Wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 Alcohol wont make your nerves go away. Face your fears. Follow your heart.
-still learning from mistakes
Dear Young Me,
 Realize that your best friend's death isnt your fault. You wernt even in the same state. It will hurt you for years and years, but let it. Cry now instead of later. It shows you have emotion, and will save you a lot of pain.
-From, Done hurting
Dear Young Me,
 Don't change anything.
-No regrets
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