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Dear Younger Me,
 Enjoy the time you have before your mental illness gets to you. Your life was just fine.
-Older and more sad you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't friend zone him so hard. 5 years from now, you'll change your mind. Sadly, so will he.
-I'm so stupid
Dear Young Me,
 About that girl you are dating... She's cheating on you. Don't worry, it will stop hurting eventually.
-A little bit wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let Nikita go to the basketball court. She doesn't deserve that end and you'll never forget her face when she dies in your arms. The blood washes off but sadness doesn't.
-Older me.
Dear Young Me,
 I'm tired of this life. Please dont live just to pay the bills.
-Ready for it all to be finished
Dear Young Me,
 You're going to get shot by someone you don't know, twice. So when she asks you to go get her a pack of cigarettes at 2 O'clock in the morning, say no.
-Older, scared you.
Dear Young And Stupid Me,
 Don't believe it when he says "I love you." He doesn't mean it and he won't mean it 6 years from now.
- Older And Still Stupid Me
Dear Young Me,
 when you were 16 your mum told you that you were fat, now youre 88 pounds and the only curves you have are those of your hipbones protruding from the sides of your body. you were beautiful.
-dying to be skinny
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