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Dear Young Me,
 Please believe in yourself, don't be so scared of life and the unknown, you will be fine because you are stronger than you think, and know it's ok to fail.
-38yr old me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop worrying about what they think of you. Your perfect the way you are.
-Your real friends
Dear young me,
 She puts you down every chance she gets. This is not a good trait in a best friend. So, do yourself a favor and dump that "friend" right now. And don't worry--not soon after, you end up finding friends who love you just the way you are. Promise.
-Signed, an older, happier you
Dear Younger Me,
 Being a virgin when you enter college isn't a bad thing, being a virgin when you turn 20 isn't a bad thing. You meet the man of your dreams, lose it to him, and spend the rest of your life with him. Stop worrying.
-The Wifey
Dear Younger Me,
 When Mom calls to check in, skip class and talk to her. The next day she will finally succeed and you will never see her again. You aren't that busy.
-Still grieving
Dear Young Me,
 You deserve to be happy, don't settle for anything less.
-A stronger me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let him be your first. He has a girlfriend and you are just too stupid to realize he will never leave her for you.
-Regretful You,
Dear Young Me,
 Love and be loved.
-Older Me
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