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Dear Young Me,
 Live your life. Get shitfaced. Have sex. Try drugs. Be a teenager. Don't commit yourself to something you aren't ready for. Go crazy and have fun out there. You know your limit.
-Regretful older you.
Dear Young Me,
 There is a very fine line between helping someone out and being taken advantage of. Find that line and stand your ground. You'll regret it later if you don't.
Dear Young Me,
 When you go to college, don't bring the boy with you. You'll have more fun without him ;)
-Older Me.
Dear Young, Hurt me.,
 Cutting yourself doesn't help, and every time you wear shorts people stare. People DO love you, never be afraid to be you.
-A little bit braver
Dear Young Me,
 You love to dance, stick with your passion. Don't stop because your friends don't do it. . You don't even speak to a quarter of them now.
-Trying it again
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go to that party August 29th, 2009 it will ruin your life
-love your older wiser self
Dear Young Me,
 don't keep taking the worse from someone. If you don't feel your best around that person then their the wrong person for you.
-the in-love older you
Dear Young Me,
 If something feels wrong, it is. Don't try to convince yourself otherwise.
-You'll thank me later
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