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Dear HS me, ,
 Remember these words: balls out. Say them to yourself in the mirror. Then do everything by that motto. You're awesome. You're girlfriends are awesome. Keep being a weirdo. PS you get SUPER HOT in college. Suck it football players from senior math class. But seriously, study more. Dumbass.
-Balls out, baby!
Dear younger me,
 Thank you so much for putting that razor down in your roughest moment. People do care about you. You'll gain a ton of confidence, have great friends, meet the most beautiful girl in the world, and realize your family does love you.
-Proud of my life, older me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't break up with him because you don't like him as much... Stay with him because he's actually perfect for you.
-Signed, Future-Alone-You
Dear Younger Me,
 Party now. That way, you don't party later.
-Sincerely, older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Love will come from the most unexpected place ever. Don't try to force it with the wrong ones.
- Loved
Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying to please everyone. It will destroy you.
-The still trying, older you
Dear Young Me,
 You will have your world changed forever and there will be nothing you can do to prepare yourself. Stick to your guns and fight the good fight. If you can just hang in there you will come out on top and live a beautiful life. I would know.
-You, just older.
Dear young me,
 stop carrying your phone in your back pocket. its gonna fall in the toilet when you poop.
-future you
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