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Dear Young Me,
 Would you be proud?
-Unsure of life
Dear Young Me,
 get help before it's too late. you think it's bad now? just wait a few more years. you'll be depressed, have an eating disorder, and start cutting again. so seriously, go NOW
-sincerely, i'm fucked now anyway
Dear Young Me,
 When you go to college, don't bring the boy with you. You'll have more fun without him ;)
-Older Me.
Dear 11 year-old-me,
 Don't skip school. Ever. Especially not on September 11th, 2001. New York may be fun, but you should have been in class.
- I still have nightmares
Dear Young Me,
 Stop pretending that I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars
-Charlie S.
Dear Young Me,
 Chicago is a mistake--don't go.
-Trying to catch up
Dear Young Me,
 It won't make you feel guilty, it will make you feel like the most loved and beautiful girl in the world. Relax.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 I know you're only 15 and he's 18, but he really does love you. And i know you feel like a whore for having sex with him, but don't. He will be the only man you sleep with for the rest of your life. So tell your judgemental friends to shove that up their asses.
-Sleeping with an older man
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