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Dear Young Me, ,
 Remember, the best revenge of all is happiness. Nothing drives people crazier than having a good fucking life. So just smile.
-The one who put up with his shit.
Dear Young Me,
 Wake up 1 hour earlier on Monday, Jan 6th and go to your parents room. Dad will be awake; just tell him how much you love him and how well he's done his job as a father. Thank him for all the moments he loved you and raised you to be a good and honest person, 30 minutes later it will be too late.
-Your thankful self from the future
Dear Young Me,
 Tell the truth, even if you think you will get in trouble for it. You will gain your parents trust back much easier that way.
-You'll thank me for this later
Dear Young Me,
 Just go for it!!!
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Hug mom and remember to tell her how much you love her every day. She will be gone so much earlier than you think....
-Heartbroken Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let revenge take over you. Down the road, they'll end up asking for your forgiveness.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 I know what your thinking. Trust me, he's not worth the tears. His faults will make you think twice.
-An Older, Wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 Do exactly what you want to do because YOU want to not because others want to or want you to. It won't matter later on what others thought. Your independence is your greatest resource, so use it.
-Growing Up Requires Growing
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