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Dear Young Me,
 You're gonna get kicked out when you're 17, don't drink. Trust me. I don't want what happened to me to happen to you.
-Signed, Just Looking out.
Dear Young Me,
 Dear young me, Everything is going to be ok! You will stay with a little scarf and memories of 7 days of bad food.
-Healthy me
Dear Marie,
 Shut the fuck up and stop following the crowd. And " getting along with " everybody. Thats too much for you to handle. just be you if you wanna be quiet so be it. If you wanna be an ass so be it. There are people who'd ' feel ya'. Time tells it all.
Dear Young Me,
 Remember when you used to joke about relationships having expiration dates? Here's yours: 12.14.11. Now, would you honestly do anything differently? No? Good.
-appreciate the journey.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't blame yourself for his death. As much as it hurts and kills you everyday to think about it, there was nothing you could do about it and all you can do is miss him...forever.
-a destroyed older brother
Dear Young Me,
 Please don't let the boys keep walking along by the ocean. Please call them back to the group. Please stick together. Please don't let that rogue wave take them. Please.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Maybe choosing to pursue something just because you liked it, wasn't the best idea. Think about your actual future and the life you really want to live... stop living in a dream world.
-Older You - Without a Career
Dear Young Me, ,
 Live for yourself first. If you put others first they will love you now, but if you put yourself first and them second they will respect and love you forever.
-Older me.
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