Dear Young Me,
 I realize that you've tried and failed at creating a business but don't give up. And definitely don't worry, you'll find the right one and you'll make it. Trust me.
-Multi-Million Dollar Future Me
Dear Young Me,
 Just put on the damn condom.
-Soon to be a father.
Dear Young Me,
 He can say all those things about caring about you, and loving you, but it wont change the fact that his religion will get in the way. It'l be a good experience, but a painful fall. All I ask of you is to be smart about your decisions when they involve him.
-We will never change for anyone
Dear young me,
 You shouldn't have gone any further into the drug world after you were made aware of how amazing weed was. All the other shit gets you into trouble.
-an older & Wiser me, after rehab.
Dear 18yr old me.,
 He will break your heart for the next 8 years and then get engaged to anther girl 6 months after you break up for the last time. Don't worry, she eventually cheats on him and you end up with your Prince Charming.
-30yr old me. xx
Dear Young Me,
 You may seem upset now, but you will achieve your dreams. Feel the hurt, the angry, and the sadness. This is what made you be so much better. You have background
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to those who doubt your future success, including will be more successful than you ever expected. Also, screw you ex, she get's fat eventually.
-Future engineer
Dear Young Me,
 Give yourself a pat on the back...
-Law Graduate Me
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