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Dear Young Me,
 Casual sex is never as casual as it begins, and there are ALWAYS strings attached. Wait around for someone who actually cares, & remain hopeful that love still does exist.
-Still Hoping
Dear Young Me,
 Accept who you are. Realize what it is you want in life, and go after it. Make the best of things, and just understand, you can't change who you are. Hiding yourself will only cause you to become depressed. Don't suppress things, don't alter yourself for others, make others adapt for YOU.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Drug overdoses don't always kill you right away. Sometimes they can cause you to have a stroke, paralyzing one side of your body, leaving you incontinent and stuck inside your broken body with nothing to do but ponder the events in your life that led you here, and wondering when you're going to die.
-The nurse who cares for you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't quit the violin. Don't stop taking lessons. Don't assume you will not need it in the future, and pick up guitar in the future...because now, I am left, attempting to regain the skill you had. Although you may claim to hate it, you truly don't. But you did make my life a little less easy now.
-Aspiring university Music student.
Dear Young Me,
 Hygiene, you dirty bastard, Hygiene!!!!
-Cleaner now
Dear Young Me,
 You know that drawer in Mom's night stand you're supposed to stay out of? Seriously, kid... Stay the fuck out of that drawer!
-Quite serious
Dear Young Me,
 Your rage is like a cancer in you. Relax.
-(slightly) Better
Dear Young Me,
 Just so you know the tears will stop, the pain will ease, and the memories will fade. But the longing in your heart...yeah that's still there.
-Can't let go
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