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Dear Little girl, ,
 Hold on tight because you've got a roller coaster ahead of you. Stay strong, it's worth every miserable day. FYI, you're bipolar-- not crazy.
-Signed, Almost Sane
Dear Young Me,
 He already knows. Stop stressing and just bring it out into the open
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You're not crazy. Stop making yourself crazy worrying that you're crazy.
-Your Perfectly Sane Older Self
Dear Free ME,
 Don't drive home from the bar next Saturday night no matter how much you think you can. TRUST ME!
-Incarcerated me
Dear younger me,
 don't let people make choices for you, make your own choices , or else you'll be the person you really aren't
-who learned her lesson the hard wa
Dear Young Me,
 Stay awesome
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Be proud of yourself, keeping the baby is the best decision you've ever made. don't let other people's opinions make you second guess yourself.
-proud older mama
Dear Young Me,
 You will sleep with him at sweet sixteen. He will cheat. He'll get fat while you marry his handsome, honest (ex) best friend. The best revenge is happiness, and you'll get it. Now go apologize to Mom.
-You are loved
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