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Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste a year of your life crying over the guy who wouldn't cry over you. He's not worth it.
-Still hurting
Dear Young me,
 You know something? Don't say yes to him. Just don't. He ruined your life and you're still not the same 5 years later.
-The idiot who cared
Dear Young Me,
 don't listen to his lies or fall into his grip. He doesn't love you no matter how much he says he does. He's already pulled you away from the perfect boy, now he's working on your friends, your family. He's a manipulative jerk. You'll find that out, but barely in time.
-you life was almost ruined.
 Remember how you didn't want anything to do with her then, and you dont want anything to do with her now. She broke you.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 The very moment you know it's over, tell her. You owe her that respect. Postponing her heartache because you're afraid to hurt her with the truth will only ensure that her scars will be deeper and your regret will last a lifetime. She's stronger than you think she is.
-The you who watched her heal
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid to be who you really are. Being gay in a small hick town doesn't make you a horrible person, it only makes you stronger.
-Proud Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Once you try drugs, your life will spiral into a whirlwind of nonstop drugs and alcohol for the next 3 years. You will be hospitalized twice, and sent to a 90 day rehab by the the time you are 17. You will finally get your act together, after nearly killing yourself and destroying your entire life.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Almost a year after getting out of rehab, you will finally feel like living again. I know it doesn't seem like that will ever happen at this point, but trust me, it will. And, oh, yeah, the guy you are in love with will come back to you. I promise, it will all be okay.
-Love, Sober Me
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