Dear Young Me,
 Your gorgeous red hair that your mom loves? Dye it, while you still can, or risk being picked on for your soullessness...
-Bitter Ginger
Dear Young Me,
 You're still young, so get off the computer and go live your life.
-Currently Young Me
Dear Young Me,
 growing up changes you, highschool is going to be hell....
-fucked up teen....
Dear TSA,
 Groping me and taking naked photos of me at the airport that you will masturbate to later will not stop terrorists. Especially if half of the people that work for TSA look just like the people carrying out Jihad.
-molested airline passenger
Dear 14 year old me, ,
 Stop pretending to be someone you aren't. You end up getting in trouble and having your heart broken. He's NOT worth it.
-Love, 19 year old me.
Dear Young Me,
 Wrap it, before you tap it.....
-i would know.
Dear Young Me,
 he's never going to treat you right, but don't worry you'll get over him eventually
-you, only a little stronger
Dear Young Me,
 Everyone is in your life for a reason. Whether it's permanent or temporary, there is a reason. You will probably always love him, and that's okay. But there is someone better out there, I promise.
-Older Me
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