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Dear Young Me,
 I know that having tan skin and blonde hair may seem like its the most important thing in the world right now, but there are people out there who love you for who you are. You're beautiful!
-Older, pale Me :)
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry it will all be worth it in the end. All the pain that you've endured in childhood thru countless foster homes - on June 14, 1997 God will pay you back for all the pain you've endured-in the package of a 9 lb. 11 oz. boy. (Name him Abraham!)
-Older, wiser and much happier you
Dear Young Me,
 Please make smarter choices when it comes to dating. Date someone who DESERVES you, not someone you think you deserve. P.S. SPOILER ALERT: your future husband is the absolute best.
-A Now-Happy You
Dear Little Girl,
 He's not as charming as you think. You don't need him, and don't let him convince you that you do in a moment of weakness.
-The you who is happier without him
Dear fifteen year old me,
 I know you love him now, and yes, he loves you too. Yes, he's never lied to you. Yes, he wants to be with you. But don't count on forever because at the end of May he'll break your heart.
-Love, sixteen year old me
Dear Young Me,
 Instead of just walking out of the room, go back and say goodbye to her. Tell her you love her. You'll miss her more than you ever thought you would....
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Your parents love you even if they make awful choices for themselves. It's not your fault they drink so don't blame yourself. Go to your sister she will always protect you.
-Love, Me
Dear sweet and innocent me,
 Don't believe him when he says he's faithful to you. He's cheating, and will give you an STD in the process before you find out. You will never know how many people he was with, and when you find out he will take all the money out of your joint account, leaving you penniless. Don't trust him.
-Love, less innocent me
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