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Dear Young Me,
 Get anger management classes. You end up killing your girlfriend, lose your kids, become an amputee, and get terrible burns all over.
-Signed, Darth
Dear 6th Grade Me,
 Don't worry about the skinny girls who think you're fat. One day they'll be looking at you wishing they had your ass!
-Curvy and HAPPY Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 He wasn't your type. You could've done soo much better.
-Wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 Love is special stop using it so freely.
-Wise Gino.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't press send. You're angry now, but you will never be able to take back those hurtful words. You and your father will never be the same again. Please sleep on it, revisit the email when your head is clear.
-Regretful Daughter
 Forget trying to gain sympathy, attention or respect. Quit going out of your way to be different. Show what an amazing person you are and strive to thrive; they'll love you for it. And trust me, going to bed with love from true friends is alot better than waking up realising you're all alone.
-Jinx (a.k.a Laura)
Dear high school me,
 Stay away from the bad boys, keep out of trouble, be a real friend, and go to class.
-Me after a lot of mileage
Dear me,
 Stop chasing the bad ones, they keep breaking your heart. Life will lead you to the right one. Be patient.
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