Dear Young Me,
 I know it hurts, but life is just one big learning curve. You'll learn.
-The not much older you
Dear Young Me,
 Love Dad as much as you can, while you have him.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let anyone ever make you believe that you don't deserve what you want.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 However sad life seems, it gets so much better. Your family loves you, even though at times you may think otherwise. Keep on dreaming dream girl!
-Forever Young At Heart
Dear Young Me,
 Be true to yourself and say yes when he asks to spend time with you. Otherwise you will regret it. The hurt he may cause you during that time together can never be as bad as the regret from saying no.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You deserved better than him. Don't make the same mistake again.
-An Older and Smarter Me
Dear Young Me,
 Do not let others treat you like their personal doormat and/or security blanket. Even if you love them.
-Still Growing
Dear 16 year old me,
 The boy who first appears in your diary as 'some other guy I don't know the name of' will turn into the man you're about to marry seven and a half years later.
-24 year old me
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