Dear Young Me,
 You still love him.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 The man you fall truly in love with is out there right now. Stop worrying about it, you will find him with time. And when you do, you'll know it :).
-Happy and loved older me
Dear Young Me,
 The tan isn't worth it.
-Melanoma Victim
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be so quick to underestimate women. It IS really fun to be "the girl" in a group of guys, but trust me on this one: the first night you have your heart broken and can't think of anyone to weep into ice cream with, you'll feel glad you cultivated some female friendships.
-Signed, One of the guys (and gals)
Dear Younger Me,
 Don't be afraid to do things. You're going to be fine. Talk to more people, put yourself out there. It will only make you a stronger person.
-A Stronger You
Dear Little One,
 I really hope you and Cam are still close. Hopefully closer, like you've wished for for years. If you aren't, don't let it get to you. Last time, your friendship with him barely recovered after months. He's too good of a guy to lose, no matter how much it hurts. He's one of your best friends always.
-Older Me.
Oh tender heart,
 Be tender, be girlie, cry when it hurts, smile when its funny, love with all of you!
-softening after all this time
Dear Young Me,
 I know it sucks right now, but give it a few years. You'll get out of this podunk town and finally know what it's like to be happy.
-The Older You
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