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Dear Young Me,
 He is a jerk. You find prince charming within a month of breaking up.
-Older You
Dear hard working me,
 Keep your genitals away from the wood chipper.
-Eunuch me
Dear Younger Me,
 Don't spend your life wishing to be someone else, because someday you'll turn out to be even better than you could have imagined.
-Signed Your Still Growing Self
Dear Young Me,
 Everything you go through will make you stronger and wiser. The lessons are hard and sometimes painful, but what you become afterwards is worth it. Don't regret anything.
-A Stronger and much Happier Me
Dear Young Me,
 You're making it all up in your head. He did love you but the break up was probably the best thing to ever happen to you.
-Your more aware and older self
Dear Young Me,
 At 13 you'll want to be 16, at 16 you'll want to be 18, at 18 you'll want to be 21. At 21, you'll realize there's a lot more birthdays ahead that are not exciting.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Why give people 2nd chances, when there are people waiting for their 1st
Dear Young Me,
 Your going to be rich
-Older You
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