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Dear Young Me,
 you know that guy that treated you like shit and hid you from his friends? He leaves you for a another girl. But its okay because in college you meet an amazing man that is 1,000 times better than that other shithead, and the shithead still works at in n out.
Dear Young Me,
 You'll survive and go through it all to get where you're supposed to be. Just... let the baggage go when you get there.
-Stronger Me
Dear Young Me,
 Cutting yourself won't solve anything. Listen to the music to help make everything good again.
-Future Me
Dear Young Me,
 Circumstances don't affect you as much as you think. Learn to take advantage of them!
-Now found
Dear Young Me,
 put the knife down, life gets easier, you get stronger, and you're beautiful and strong and have every right to live! so put the sharp objects away, you have enough scars.
-wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 All the experiences and short comings you had lead you to the perfect girl for you. I know it sucks for SO many years but the girl you met is a result of both you and her's learning of what you don't want.
-It Finally Happened
Dear Young Me,
 even though your dad's alcoholism made your life a living hell for your entire life, forgive him before december 2005. You will regret it every single day if you dont make peace with him.
-emtionally wrecked
Dear Young Me,
 Regret nothing love everything be you do what your heart tells you cry when you have to laugh when you need to, but most of all LIVE, because no one else can live your life as well as you can from the older you and beyond
-Much love, yourself
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