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Dear Newly-14-Me,
 In a year and a half, that boy with the pretty green eyes that you don't think much of will be your absolute world. Be good to him now.
-Signed, Older Me
Dear young me, ,
 Quit waiting for him to come crawling back, he's not going to. And as soon as you quit putting all your focus on him you'll notice how many other amazing guys there are waiting for you.
- Older me
dear future me,
 i hope u werent afraid to chase your dreams, never settle for anything less than yourself and stick with the ones you love
-will check in the future
Dear Young Me,
 It's not about money. I remember how much you thought a few grand would change my life. Well, I'm rich now, and wishing you had a girl in mind when you set my goals.
-Mr. Loveless Moneybags
Dear Young Me,
 Hug him tightly, make more plans to meet up soon. Do not look up his records, you do not need to know exactly how he died. It was not your fault. He was in a very dark place, don't let his death take you there, too. Get help, you will need it.
-A Recovered Friend
Dear Young Me,
 You are drop-dead gorgeous underneath all of that makeup. The things you hate about your looks don't even exist. You are also a great friend and extremely intelligent. You have so much going for you. Stop beating yourself up!
-older & wiser
Dear Younger Me,
 Don't do it. Don't take your life. It's going to get better. He's not gone. He still loves you. They all do. You are loved. Stay strong. The sun will rise again.
-From Your Happier Older Self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't trust people that are worried about what other's think.
-Older Me.
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