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Dear Young Me,
 That girl who makes your life at school horrible, who has taken away all your friends, and who sucks away your confidence? Yeah, after you graduate highschool she will turn to drugs and end up on home detention for drug-related offenses. You will go to University and get your confidence back.
-Karma is not just a word
Dear Young Me,
 Go surprise your best friend right now (before she goes to work) and tell her to call in sick to work so you can play hookie together. But you must take her TODAY, September 11th, 2001.
-I never stop missing you
dear young me,
 stop worrying about the bad stuff, it just keeps you from enjoying the good.
-a much happier me
Dear Young Me,
 I've had a million problems in my life; only a handfull of them actually happened. Worry less. Live more.
-Love, 18 year old me
Dear Young Me,
 Dont worry, you will prove everyone wrong and walk again. Don't give up.
-Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Just remember: "Don't let the hand you hold, hold you down." (quote by Julia de Burgos)
-Someone wiser because of this
Dear Young Me,
 It's okay if you blow off homework sometimes, but study for final exams, because they count.
-Retaking Courses
Dear Young Me,
 By getting involved with her she will meet your best friend. Soon enough she will cheat on you with him, and you'll end up losing both of them to each other.
-Heartbroken Me 2 months later
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