Dear Young Me,
 You have time. Use it. Try things. Dare.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 "People" aren't important. Only those you choose to make "your people" are. Choose wisely.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 Why do you love him? He's thirty. You're sixteen. The fact that he's even interested is creepy. He hits you. He raped you. Just leave. Please. And break that nose he's so proud of on your way out.
-Wish I could go back.
Dear Little Me,
 Yes, boys are stupid. They're going to make you cry, lie about you, and try to control you. But don't worry, the perfect one for you is where you least expect it. Yes, he'll still make you cry, but he's still going to be there to brush away the tears. Trust me.
-It's worth the wait
Dear Young Me,
 You rock!
-Older me
Dear ChuckTeezy,
 That was the best friend you will ever have. Dont let jealousy and high expectations run your life, go to school, and stop being angry. More good things have happened when you were happy than when you were mad. And please, just accept the fact that he isnt the one, was never, and never will be.
-Garry White
Dear Young Me,
 don't be afraid to ask questions
-lost older me
Dear Young Me,
 You are the way you are, you can't be anyone else, so use what you got, and wear yourself proudly.
-Older you
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